True Love Last Forever Regardless

We never know the date or the time or the place but one day the love bug will bite.  We will be in love without even having planned the situation.  They say that when the love bug bites it leaves a scar forever.  Love, true love is forever even when people separate and no longer a couple true love remains forever.  You are walking along one day without any worries or cares just being you. Then one day you are walking down the same street full of love concerns and your heart just is not the same. What happen, was it the elements or are you ill ?   Let me give you a couple of examples of couples that I have seen display true love that last forever.

Prince Andrew was always a playboy. I remember first time I heard about him was when he was involved in a romantic scandal in Los Angeles, California. The scandal was in all the newspapers and tv news. Later the newspapers told us about a woman journalist photographer who was jumping fences just to take Prince Andrew picture and meet him. Well Ms Lady Fergie met her man that she was determined to meet and they both fell in love. Years later, couple of kids later they divorced but remained friends quote “for the kids’ sake.”  One day Fergie was busted selling access to Prince Andrew but still they communicated and stayed friends. While all along after the divorce Princess Fergie was living with Prince (Duke) Andrew in the same house. The justification was given of  “helping her during financial hard times.”   Actually that was love that never died that never let go.  The excuse of helping out and that is why live together is just an excuse. When they both say “just hanging out together that is why still attend functions together in 2017”   well guess what that is also  just an excuse of why both attending same event together.  It takes two to tango well unless you get one of those inflatable dolls and dance.  Both people not one are using excuses to hide and keep from saying “still in love with each other.”

I am fairly new to the music of Coldplay. I remember years ago reading that Chris Martin had married Gwenyth Paltrow and thought nothing much of it since not familiar with his music.  Then about a couple of years ago I was introduced to the music of Coldplay and thought oh wow “I like this music.”  I remember reading how they had divorced, and then would read how they would go on vacations together for quote “the kids’ sake”.  I thought hum this is interesting.  Then recently I saw the picture of Chris Martin and the current fiancé of Gwyneth Paltrow at the same table at Sunday Brunch.  I knew then that this is more than just friends for the kids’ sake, here was another couple still in love.  I am telling you the man has several houses all over the world and guess who owns half of them per his choice not the divorce papers?  After the divorce both had gone their own way and remained friends going to vacations and spending holidays together. Despite the divorce because as Gwyneth Paltrow stated in a magazine “she messed up”.  Well my dear that is what forgiveness is all about.  As human beings we mess up at one point but when someone loves you they will forgive you and life goes on. Once again I say that it takes two to tango. Both not one are using excuses to hide and keep from saying “still in love with each other”.

Yes, I too have been bitten by the love bug recently.  I knew and was madly in love with this person named Bill Hale years ago when I worked for the City of San Antonio.  Recently when I was in San Antonio for a visit at the grocery store guess who I thought I saw in the bakery?  It was him, I was sure my heart beat fast because it was the man that I absolutely loved.  I thought it was so unbelievable because he looked exactly like he looked years ago. Then I walked up happy as can be.  Maybe it was just my imagination or love and he actually did not look a day older.  Either way I moved closer and said hi  “oh my gosh I cannot believe it’s not you and how are you”.   Instead blah blah blah I apologize you look like someone I loved and wish had pursued.  I could have taken the opportunity to say hi well you are not Billy but you seem nice.  Instead my true love would have none of that because it was Billy or not this replicate.  Bam true love in the grocery store was not about to happen on that day. When  you love someone when you really love someone despite meeting new people or dating …… true love gets rekindled.

In conclusion, the song When I Fall In Love says “it will be forever” well maybe that is what love is all about.  True love is not always found.  Love true love is such a strong bond that not even divorce or not being together will stop.  Love between two people will sometimes last a lifetime despite not being together.  Therefore, why not get married or remarried and stop the excuses because it is pointless to go on separated.  Many people are in such a hurry to get on with life after a breakup that reflecting is not in the vocabulary.  Most people just go from a relationship to a dating time frame and then right back into a relationship thinking that it’s love.  However, true love will last a lifetime and will always lead you back together.  Not everyone finds true love in their life time so if you have found True Love you are lucky don’t let it go.  Why ignore true love or use an excuse to suppress True Love. Go, it’s your chance of a lifetime.  This is True Love not the Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade that will happen again next year.