Home Vibes

She walked into the building everyday Monday thru Friday. The first thing she did was turn on her music loud not only so she could hear but everyone else could hear. She was determined that she would overstep her boundaries, show no respect for the place and while working, doing her job would change things to accommodate her after all she was on a mission to get payback. After all what could be proven it was just music being played.

Home Sweet Home is supposed to be exactly that. Everyday people have to deal with the crap at work, people that are rude etc. Life situations and concerns can most of the time not be controlled out of our immediate home environment. Our home is where we rule. Our home is where we are in control. Therefore, maintaining good vibes, good mood, good atmosphere is important. When I first saw the sign that said “Good Vibes Only” my first reaction was “what” “whatever” etc. Then one day I understood what someone who introduced the saying “Good Vibes Only” turned Modern Décor was saying. Good Vibes are important.

Why would someone want to intentionally change the vibes, the atmosphere, the mood of an environment?  Well the reason can be summed up in one word, HURT.  Person or persons are hurt.  Therefore, changing the vibes, atmosphere, mood of a location cannot be traced back and accomplishes much.  I apologize for the Control Manipulate attitude that some people have and demonstrate in various countries. I apologize for our President of whatever year thinking they can have the invade your space attitude. I apologize for business people giving no regard to the riches that a country has like diamonds, oil etc and thinking they can go in and take all for self benefit. However, I do not apologize for wanting someone to respect the boundaries and accept that you too have become what you hate most. Injuring innocent people who have nothing to do with your cause who are only people living at home, in the privacy of their home.

In conclusion sometimes people think we are stupid and they are smart. What can we prove?  It’s just music being played to intentionally change the peaceful vibes, atmosphere and mood.  It’s just music being played to increase the anxiety, anger etc level.  Someone starts arguing, the anger level a person had is increased, someone has anxiety problems etc. Then bam target and or targets sought to look like a bad person is affected then an argument, anxiety level increase etc and documented.  Therefore mission accomplished.  Most people will think geez how is it the fault of the Postal Employee who was just playing loud music while working? What can you prove is the attitude. Well, we can prove that a person working making $20+ dollars an hour is unable to perform  job duties unless they hear loud music. Rather unprofessional behavior is what can be proven.