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Is St. Patricks Day Luck of the Irish

I sat in my little desk ready to write my current events blog post for the month of March.  I listened to my music with my headphones on and looking at the calendar I saw that I had circled March 17, 2018 for St. Patrick’s Day. When I looked at the date on the calendar circled I thought about Edward Snowden, remember him the whistle blower. Therefore, Edward Snowden and St. Patrick’s Day is going to be the topic for my month of March current events blog post entry.  You are probably thinking “huh perhaps Nancy drank the whole pitcher of mimosas”.  However, hold on read on then you will see how Edward Snowden and St. Patrick’s Day are an ok topic together.


Just about everywhere you go you will see some sort of wear attire or household décor item reminding your about St. Patricks Day on Saturday March 17, 2018.   St. Patty’s Day is a festive day when green beer and green lemonade from Cane’s (chicken tenders) are my favorite beverages.  Celebrating a festive day such as St. Patrick’s Day is always a pleasure.  However, this year as I look at the day circled on my calendar I cannot help but think about Edward Snowden, the whistle blower.  When I saw the date on my calendar circled this year it was not the standard “oh wow what am I going to wear on Saturday”.  This time I thought “wow I’m lucky to have food on my table, not be on the run and free to go about.”  Edward Snowden sacrificed being on the run and free to go about for something that he believed in.  What makes a person decide to say goodbye to security and hello to uncertainty?  THEN, I thought about something my mother always told myself and my two brothers.“  Regardless where you are or what you are doing SOMEONE it could be anyone even someone in your own family that will be jealous OR try to use you to get you to mess up”  are the words of my mom that came to mind when I thought about Edward Snowden.


Edward Snowden had a good job.  Edward Snowden was not stupid he was a smart man who would have been in the military if it had not been for his health.  I remember reading that Edward Snowden had problems with his superiors in the military maybe that added to his stress that added to the health problems.  However, when Edward was working he had access to classified data that others would not be able to access.  Therefore this is where the words of my mother come in, “someone will always try to use you”.   After all IF someone cannot get into that level of security clearance and location then that person or persons might find someone to use.  THAT is what I think what happened and I will explain why.


In the beginning I read that Edward Snowden would ask his home visitors to put their mobile phones in the refrigerator to avoid signals. However, a refrigerator is not a Faraday Cage that stops signals because a refrigerator is not metal all the way around. Just looking at my refrigerator the sides are not metal. The item that is a Faraday Cage is a microwave. Therefore the correct thing to do would have been to turn off the mobile phone then put in the microwave. Edward Snowden covered his laptop computer camera with tape. Well I have done some sykpe and some call in conference school classes and I can tell you that tape is ok however it can be penetrated. The correct thing to do would have been to put aluminum foil or maybe a penny or a nickle to cover the laptop or computer camera. With such modern technology we have to remember that people have been putting tape over their computers and phones for years therefore tape by 2018 would have been able to be penetrated. It would probably be useless to put tape over your phone unless it’s for purposes of facetiming with someone or skype so they don’t see your face without makeup or maybe your did not comb your hair etc..  After I thought about all of this I came to the conclusion that Edward Snowden was an  “UNLUCKY man”  that was used to reveal information because he was able to get security access into the location ……. AND THAT IS how this topic of Edward Snowden ties in with St. Patrick’s Day luck of the Irish and everyone wearing green.  St. Patrick’s Day luck of the Irish and Edward Snowden unlucky.


In any country there is going to be something that is not done by the book to keep the security of the country safe. If you have kids you will probably understand more than someone that does not have kids.  When you have kids you work your best to keep your kids from the wrong influence or people.  Maybe you check your kids computer messages or phone messages etc.  This is not ethical however as a parent in charge of this young adult growing up it is a parent right to see what the heck is going on.  Sometimes checking your kids emails, facebooks, eavesdropping on the phone conversations works and sometimes it does not work.  However the only reason and the goal of this behavior was to do your best and to do what is best for your kids not their friend or their girlfriend but for your kid.  Life is similar when you are in a position of Country Leadership to oversee the USA, you sometimes have to eavesdrop to find out what is going on, or if someone is planning something against you. It might not be ethical and some people may see this behavior as intrusive however when you have a job to secure the United States, you typically do what you have to do to get the job done with no boundaries.  IF you have someone say that is a lie and the same things can be accomplished staying in the box then you are talking to a liar or someone that has not done all suppose to do.  I realize that it’s tough, you know things that you feel that the people need to be aware of.  I am IT Service Management trained which trains you to know what to say to keep the people interaction going and active and when to keep mouth shut.


In conclusion, let me just say that regardless if you are Edward Snowden or Billy Bow Toes their will come a day when you have to decide stay in and go forward OR not.  IF you stay in and go forward you are not a bad person.  IF you decide um no you are not a bad person.  This is a one person personal decision that can only be made by that one individual.  Yes, your decision might impact the life of others however that one person that one individual whose decision it is to make will actually live the results of that decision.  People like Edward Snowden take a job because they want to do good.  People like Edward Snowden want to help the people, help the world.  However you must remember  that to truly help people, help the world you take the good days with the bad days and you suck it up, you cry in private and you slowly work to make charges for the better because ADAPT is what life is about.  When people like Edward Snowden get emotional with wanting to help people that is what makes it so easy for people like Edward Snowden to be a soft target to be used.  In life there is always going to be something done or the way something is done  that we do not agree with.  In life there is always going to be something that makes us so angry  you just want to yell it to the world so they know.  I get it, people see things then it’s WHAT but I thought we were above that then being a good hearted person decide to be honest and tell all.  The bottom line is and my point is that when we have access to information regardless if the information is top secret or regular the most important thing to do is THINK.  Before you decide to say something or take up a cause THINK is saying this or being for this cause going to make the situation better or worse ?