Dating in the USA in 2018

It is all the same thing with the same objective regardless if it’s a date between man and woman or same sex date. So, what is dating in the United States of America between man and woman, or woman and woman or man and man? Is dating any different from 1900’s or 1970’s or in 2018? Well, to answer that let’s first set the boundaries and DEFINE what is a romantic date. Per the dictionary a date “is a certain day and time set aside to do something”. Then dictionary says “dating is a stage of  romantic relationships where two people meet socially to see if they have anything in common and assess each others suitabilities”.  Ah ha, did you read those key words of “dating is a stage of” which indicates that there are several stages several steps that MIGHT lead to a relationship and marriage. YOU understand that this is a date to get to know each other this is not about sex services rendered for payment of money, a dinner, a gift card, a movie etc.  Come on we are all adults here lets be adults in discussing this topic and establish that there is a difference between dating and payment for services rendered.  This is not about well I want to get to know if my penis will fit and how will fit in your vagina.


Hum, ok I think we got that, so if dating is a stage of, just one of several steps that might lead to that final step of marriage.  Ok, well along these several stages these several steps of getting to know you …… who is going to pay for the outings ?  Dinner is not free at the restaurants, the movies do come with buy one get one free or have matinee shows with less expensive prices however someone still has to pay for the tickets. In past years it was automatically assumed that it was the role of the male to pay for the date to assess if get along, to check out his potential partner which would indicate that IF he was doing the assessing, checking out THEN it was assumed that it was ONLY up to him to go forward with a relationship.  In actuality with respect to each persons customs and traditions in the United States of America in most dating scenes, in the standard dating scene it is commonly up to both.  Both people get to know each other and assess each other to decide if want to go forward.  However, in 2018 woman want equal rights and the cost of living is not the same as it was in the 1900’s or 1970’s so who is going to “dish out the bread or take out the plastic” so to speak. Who is going to pay for these  “getting to know you”  dates because it’s both people that have to say yes to go forward.


Ideally it would be great to still have the 1900’s or 1970’s atmosphere where male pays for everything however since we don’t have that then lets evaluate our choices.  Ok, so what we have here is two people that want to get to know each other to see if they can have a romantic relationship. To get to know each other will take different scenes, different ambiance to see how the two interact with each other and others in the immediate area. For example how does one person treat the waiter at the restaurant. The object and the goal of this getting to know each other is because “hey I’m human and I’d like some company, I am awesome yes however don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone”. The standard date is dinner so is that going to be dinner at a restaurant or is that going to be dinner at the place of one person where “the date” has access to the bathroom, looking at the place, evaluating the place etc”. Honestly, I am not too comfortable having a total stranger come into my place of residence with access to my bathroom where the shampoo, toothpaste etc are. What if it’s someone that is territorial and decides to establish their territory and urinate on the floor in a hidden spot etc. The option of “oh hey girl got a beautiful hotel suite come on over for dinner” might sound exciting at first till I realize “hey potato this is a total stranger whose hotel room going into” and he might say “hey girl butty call”. Therefore, a restaurant date is best however who will pay for the bill and what type of restaurant. I suggest something neutral something that has no country origins unless it has been established that a certain type of food is liked. At that first date, at that one encounter talking and listening is the most important thing to do
• what type of places like to go to
• what are the expectations
• how is the waiter or waitress treated
• are all eyes on you or are other potential dates being checked out


In conclusion dating is definitely different in 2018 than it was in 1900’s or 1970’s. Statistics show that marriages have arguments and break up because of finances. Therefore, if finances are dealt with in an adult manner during dates then by the time and IF those dates go to the stage of marriage the finances will have a good foundation because finances dealt with during dating stages, the getting to know you stages. I go by the belief of dating getting to know each other is exactly that, two people that want to get to know each other, this is a stage, this is a step that MIGHT and might not go beyond the stage one. Regarding who pays for the date, well that is actually up to you, each person gets to decide for themselves. This is not a gender thing of male has to pay because he is male or female has to pay because she gets paid more this is something that makes BOTH people comfortable. In some cases the date expense can be shared and split in half BECAUSE it’s BOTH people that want to get to know each other, it’s both people that have to say yes to go forward to the next date, the next stage, the next step.