It’s Ok To Get Professional Help

My dad was an auto mechanic. When people would take their vehicle to get fixed he would make the comment about not know why people wait until it cost more money to fix the vehicle. Many times people would get upset and shocked that the price to fix their vehicle was in the hundred of dollars instead of a simple $50. If you have a vehicle and you ignore the oil changes that is going to mess up your motor. If you have the brakes light come on because brake pads are thin and you ignore that brakes light what do you think is going to happen? Your vehicle one day will lock and instead of costing $100 to change the brake pads bam $500. We get professional help for everything from broken air condition to fixing our vehicle so why the shame embarrassment and reluctance to get Professional help for Mental issues?

I think and this is what I am going to stick with is what I think and what I know. Therefore, please do not be offended by what I write. I think that people see getting Professional Mental help DIFFERENT from getting help to fix the air condition, help to lose weight or help to stop drinking. We have set up these super high standards that it’s ok to get help to fix the car, it’s ok to get help to lose weight but hold on STOP it’s not ok to get help to fix Mental Issues. We put such importance on our mind to be the determining factor and determine if we are crazy. Needing Professional Mental help is not an indication a person is crazy. Then there is the other thing of well IF something is wrong with our mind, our brain then that is going to put limitation on what we can do and who will like us. Actually some people have been in mental hospitals and on psychiatric medications and gone on to live regular lives some have even become Psychiatrist, Psychologist. My point is that it’s just like a car something needs fixing so fix and back on the road.

Depression can come about for different reasons. I think that the reason people were shocked when Comedian, Movie Actor Robin Williams committed suicide is because he was always laughing. Robin Williams was always making someone laugh or putting a smile on someone’s face. However, he forgot to put himself first and to make himself laugh and smile first. We count, We seldom put our self first because we think that is being selfish. I think that maybe one reason depression might go undetected is because we say “IF you need help I will be here for you”. Did you get the key word “IF” well at that point when a person is sad or depressed they are not going to think about getting help. IF someone is felling rejected, bad about finances, bad about substance abuse they are already down THEN COMES the IF you need help which would indicate being further down so, no not calling anyone. I suggest just throwing yourself out their and getting right in the water say, IF you are sad and want to be sad I am here with you to be sad and together we will get to the sunlight. If you are angry about finances then I am here with you to be angry, I am your co-pilot and together angry we will figure this. You see you put yourself right in with the person. The person should never have to call you IF because you are right there on location and on duty.

In conclusion, with the recent suicides of many people we need to re-evaluate and take responsibility for our behavior. No, this is not where you are going to blame yourself because someone committed suicide. This is where we are all going to be more conscious of how we talk to people, the things that we say. Did you know that it is negative to say to a person, “I am too angry or too upset with you right now to talk to you so I have to talk to you later on”. Just think about what you just said and how that is analyzed. You just said that YOU are too angry or upset therefore you are the victim. You said that you are this way towards another person therefore THEY are the bad person the villain. We are humans with human emotions and it actually is natural to want to hurt back when we are hurt. However, we need to practice, we need to relax maybe meditate maybe light a tranquility candle or exercise or go for a walk to RELEASE and learn how to communicate when hurt. This blog post may seem as if I am putting the responsibility on everyone but the person who is depressed or needs Professional Mental help AND THAT IS correct. Reason being is that when someone has a broken leg you help them up the stairs you don’t wait till they come tumbling down then say “oh did you need help or why didn’t you ask me for help”.   When someone has a back problem you get them a firmer mattress, when someone is blind you tell them where the chair is you don’t wait till they fall on the floor then sigh “oh I did not know” because you got working eyes you can see.  The same thing applies when someone is depressed or needs Mental Professional help, just a bit out of tune and need some help to get back on the road.  In 2018 it’s time we change our attitudes about Mental Help in order to prevent tears. It’s about time we start accepting that the world does not say UNQUALIFIED if previous mental issue because actually it does not. Each person cares about others with different levels of caring.  Therefore as a person who cares about others regardless the level when it comes to our self it’s ok to say, it’s foggy out on the road right now.  It’s ok to say, I can’t see good right now, I need Professional Mental help to remind me that Life Goes On.