Meditate in 2018

He sat eyes closed listening to soft music in the middle of the living room with legs crossed and finger tips touching.  Girlfriend roommate walked in and asked, “what are you doing”.  His answer,  “I am meditating want to join me and do the together meditating thing”?   She replied “no” and walked away.


Meditating is not something that is anti-religious. Meditating is not of the devil.  The first thing that religious people will say when you say you are meditating is ask you why you are not into religion.  Well,  Jesus or whatever higher religious entity you choose is good.  Religion in the life of an individual is an invisible higher power and helps  to balance our life.  However, meditating is good and helps also so why not have both?   Just to repeat to meditate is not to do something of the devil or with the devil.  Meditating is not witchcraft.  I do have to be honest with you and say that years ago when someone suggested that I meditate my reply was “what you talking about”.   Years later, I finally tried the meditate thing and like it.


Let’s start off at the beginning with what is meditate?  I think that to get clarification about something it’s always best to get the definition of what the words indicate just to be clear.  Therefore, let’s look at the definitions for the words  meditate and chant.  Per the Webster dictionary MEDITATE is  “think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.  Think deeply or carefully about (something).”   Ok, got that and let’s make it clear that we are not going to chant the words  “I will sell flowers at the airport and be happy”  or  “I will allow my boyfriend to pimp me and be happy”.   CHANT definition is “to say or shout repeatedly in a singsong tone.”   I would think that people that meditate want to chant good happy words.   Chant repeat words that can be a repeat to remind us that we are kind, we are loving, we are awesome and we are smart.  Like I say we can chant, repeat anything that we want to as we close our eyes, listen to the soft music we choose and repeat the words we choose or maybe we just want to close our eyes and see the beautiful sky as we listen to the music.  My chanting words that I like are,  ” I am a human being (which reminds me and my subconscious I cannot fix everything or be superhuman).  I am kind. I am loving. I am awesome. I am smart.


In conclusion, after having tried the meditate thing my input is that I like it.  The reason I like to meditate is because I have those 15 or 30 minutes when nothing absolutely nothing matters.  Meditating can be like the Calgon commercial  video   where you are briefly taken away from the everyday doings and worries.  Life can be stressful and yes having religion in ones life is good.  However, meditating can also be refreshing.  Honestly, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and much relief after I meditate.  I typically listen to some soft nonverbal music with just some instruments or maybe ocean waves.  I have shared with you some Native American music by Leo Rojas  link  that I listen to when I meditate.  This is just a sample of his music, I think it’s best to get the music CD with no commercials.  The world will keep turning, the next day will come with or without us.  We are humans we have emotions and in life it’s just a matter of HOW we decide to react to something.  Our physical heath and our mental health are kind of related and tied in together if you ask me.  A stressed person is more likely to released all types of whatever’s into the body, a high anxiety person might have more acidity released from the stomach which might react with food.  Our physical health and our mental health are important.  Relax and enjoy life!