D A N G …… Mama Was Right

I typically write one blog post a month however this was such a goodies that I could not pass.  Therefore here is a second blog post for the month of August.  Enjoy.


As adults most people think,  “I got this mama so please ”.  Sometimes the teenagers also will think and have the attitude of  “I got this mama so please”.  We go about our daily lives and them BAM and all you can think of is I thought I was prepared geez really.

I come from a large family of 3 sisters and 3 brothers along with lots of step sisters, step brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews.  Just about all of us can take care of ourselves if approached by someone in person physically.  I for one can run and cry then dial 911 🙂  However what happens when we are not combating physical obstacles.  As long as the persons we are combating are in physical form we can grab them, we can defend ourselves physically, we can dial 911 and we can even punch them in the stomach or step on their feet.  However, what if we are not combating something in the physical form?

My mom always said,  “Nancy you have to be prepared for Spiritual Warfare”.   I always thought my mom was a bit dramatic.  Growing up I would listen to my mom and it was exactly that just listen but never acknowledge.  I have to be honest and admit that I was one of those teenagers growing up turned adult who thought  “mama I got this so please”.   Then BAM head against a wall ouch that hurt and I would call Pedro or Jose my buddies to go talk to ___  (shh mama never knew that).  Spiritual warfare is not something that overly dramatic people talk about it is something that they know exist and are sharing with us.  Regardless if you attend church every Sunday or on Holiday’s you have probably heard the Priest or Pastor talk about Spiritual Warfare.  We hear, we listen and sometimes we nod however acknowledge what saying as a fact is seldom for some people.

In conclusion, I have to admit I never would have admitted that Mama was right until that one day on Monday August 6, 2018.  I had done the fast and pray thing on Sunday thinking oh this will come in handy looking for my higher paying job and going to the Jewish deli on Monday.  Well, Monday morning I woke up early to start my daily doings journey and bam bam bam challenge and obstacle.  I looked around and thought well my vibes are good to reflect and receive good so what the heck is going on?  Then it hit me, I was not prepared for Spiritual warfare.   Monday morning I had just gotten up and thought  “oh well I did the fast and pray thing day before so I’m good all week”.   I never once said  “thank you God for this day, good morning God, or even a short prayer because I thought I had bought my  “in the good pass for the week by doing the one day fast and pray on Sunday”.   We are human beings to pray it is not required to be perfect or attend church every Sunday.  Like most of us admitting that mama was right is a toughie,  but it does happen when mama is right.  Dang mama was right and I could just kick myself.