Which Do You Prefer Hide Or Leave Past As Is

Just about everyone has made a mistake in their life. Sometimes people have the same attitudes and same outlook on people who make mistakes in their life.  We are all different individuals and our perspectives and our attitudes are of our own.  We are fortunate that we live in the United States of America where we have freedom of choice.  My attitude is that I do not care about the past of someone.  I really do not care if someone has tattoos or no tattoos. The Freedom of Choice allows EACH individual to decide if they want to do drugs or drink in the United States. With that being said, what happens when someone decides to HIDE expunge seal their past?  Would the past of someone REALLY keep them from living the American Dream?  Just about everyone wants to have a high paying job and have the standard American Dream Life of
• good paying job
• home
• car
• husband or wife


The Freedom of Choice with respect to Discrimination allows each employer to decide if they want to hire someone with tattoos, someone who has been in jail or someone who has been on drugs.  Each individual gets to decide IF they want to have a romantic relationship, a friend or marry someone with tattoos, someone who has been in jail or someone who has been on drugs.  So, is it worse to hire someone or have a relationship with someone then find out they have expunged sealed hidden their past of drugs, jail or tattoos?  Which would YOU prefer ?  Do you want someone that has HIDDEN their past or do you want someone that has said, I made some mistakes and I am leaving their to be seen because nothing to hide since we are all human beings.


I was once asked this question of which would I prefer?  Would I prefer someone who hides seals expunges their past or would I prefer someone who just left their past their able to be seen?  Honestly, I had to think about this for a good minute.  This was not the type of question that I could answer right away therefore I decided to say that I would think about my answer then give my answer.  I thought about what my response was going to be.  Was I going to say,  I prefer having someone whose past I know nothing about.  Was I going to say, I prefer having someone whose past I know about.  I thought about my options for the answer to the question.I thought WHY would someone want to hide their past and expunge seal hide their past. Were they planning to do the same thing again and act innocent?  What was the real reason of wanting to expunge,  hide, seal their past?  WHAT  IF  hire or I  get into a relationship with someone not knowing about their past then BAM I married a pedophile, I married an ex prostitute,  I married an ax murderer, and so on.  Just the fact that someone would want to hide their past something made me a bit worried.  Therefore, I decided that my answer was going to be that I prefer someone who just left their past able to be seen.  The reason for my answer is that FOR ME this person is showing that they are a human being and they have made mistakes just like humans.  The person with the hidden past is trying to show that they are perfect and flawless until …… bam.


In conclusion, each individual gets to decide for themselves what they want to do.  Fingerprints can be taken with or without the consent of someone.  Officially fingerprints can be taken with the consent of someone.  Unofficially fingerprints can be taken from a cup, touching a door or a picture of someone’s hands.  Yes, it is true that many people intentionally erase their fingerprints THEN use an excuse to justify having no fingerprints.  However, when someone has no fingerprints that alone is suspicious.  The fact that people want to act AS  IF  their past is flawless as previously stated is a concern.  My mom always said, “it’s better to get along then fight or argue”.   Acting flawless, self righteous or better than others will always start an argument or a fight.  It really is not difficult to LIVE AND LET LIVE.  What if someone says, oh yea you want to bring out my past then I’ll bring out your past that you expunged sealed hid the records of drugs and so on