It’s The Holiday Season So Caution

The holiday season brings lots of joys along with comments of wow and oh so exciting.  However keep both feet planted on the ground despite being the holiday season and getting that warm and fuzzy feeling.  Why keep both feet planted on the ground you may be thinking instead of going with the momentum?  Well, let me just give you visions of the movie Fatal Attraction with the rabbit cooked on the stove!

I am not trying to be a bubble buster or holiday season buster.  I want to make perfectly clear that I am not saying No …..  I am just saying that caution is necessary.  The reason caution is necessary is because the holiday season brings feelings of wanting to hug and be hugged.  We sometimes hug because we are happy to see people we care about and we sometimes hug because we care so much about the persons and then we sometimes hug because had one margarita or beer too many.  Regardless of the reason have fun with your hugging but be what I call Hug Responsible.  Hug Responsible is when you hug someone and accept full responsibility for that hug. Therefore, just so the person does not get the wrong impression clarify right away.  For example: hug then I would say “oh my gosh it is always such a pleasure to see you”.  See that would explain and justify the happy hug.  Plus that lets  the hug recipient know that you are hugging them not because you want to form a relationship or have sex but you are hugging them because you appreciate them and happy to see them.

I think that if we are sensitive to the emotions and feeling of others then MAYBE we can say, “well I never led anyone on perhaps it was their lonely frame of mind that they were in”.   You see the holiday season increases the loneliness of a person.  It’s tough being in a city or state or country where people all around you are celebrating with friends, family, lovers etc and you look at self and think “hum what about me”?  Then BAM here comes the crowd huger hugging everyone and lonely person thinks it is something special just for them.  Shortly after your pet the bouncing puppy or kitty is gone sprawled on the yard face down and not moving just frozen stiff  (um that is the dead frozen stiff people).

In conclusion, enjoy the holiday season but remember be hug responsible or heaven forbid you go and do the s thing then for sure be sex responsible.  When you are honest and upfront with someone you not only get their respect you are preventing future hurts and future problems.  The holiday season brings lots of loneliness and sometimes people behavior and interpretations change to fill that lonely void.  We are all human beings with human emotions.  Therefore, accepting along with acknowledging that people have human emotions will help prevent undesired awkward situations.