1968 MLK died not his works

On Monday January 21 just about everyone appreciated the holiday of Martin Luther King Jr.   Martin Luther King Jr was a man not perfect yet an awesome individual.  We are human beings therefore we are not perfect.  Many people strive and work hard to make our community and our world a better place.  On this one particular MLK holiday I did some thinking and looking around then asked myself, “have we changed much from April 4, 1968 or do we have works to do?

As I sat in Starbucks I thought about various instances of how we have changed however we still need much more work to be done.  Do you think maybe because it has not been a WE … that not much progress has been made since the death of Martin Luther King?  The keyword is WE  because despite the year being 2019 it definitely takes a village to come to pass the reality of  “I have a dream”.   The WE in working together to continue the good works of Martin Luther King Jr consist of various peoples. The WE includes different

  • colors
  • religions
  • social status
  • nationalities
  • languages
  • heights
  • sexual preferences
  •  political parties
  • rich
  • poor

If you ask if and in my opinion in order to bring about change like Martin Luther King Jr wanted it takes the co-operation and working with ALL types of peoples.   We have the opportunity to bring about change IF we only learn to work with each other.  If we accept that some people can do things that others cannot, that some people can get into areas while others cannot then we will learn to realize what each brings to the table and then work with each other.  Kind of like the mentality of “well I cannot get to __ or I cannot do __  however you can get to __ and you can do __.   Therefore, if we work together we can at the end of the day say that our desired task has been completed because we worked together.  However, if we fight, argue or try to kick each other out of the way then neither one of us is going to get the task completed AND no change will have come about.  Which will definitely please and make happy any peoples not wanting to bring about change.

The year is different it is no longer 1968 it is now 2019.  People are still denied basic rights of food, housing, voting, high income jobs and discriminated against.  We justify our non-human non-compassionate behavior and attitude with saying,  “well we don’t have enough money, our country is in debt”.   When that is not enough we help ourselves feel emotionally better by saying, “well those Hispanicos are here illegally and you know the type of people they are”.   Not just Hispanicos or Africanos origin are discriminated against but also white people are discriminated against.  The mentality with discriminating against white people is “we cannot allow those whitties to come in because then like Christopher Columbus they will take over”. 

In our everyday life aspirations we learn to compete with each other.  We learn to out maneuver each other to get what we want.  Competing with each other and out maneuvering each other is not a bad thing.  What is a bad thing is when we cannot differentiate tell the difference between competing for a basketball game, or for a promotion and working together for change in the United States of America.  What is a bad thing is when we cannot differentiate tell the difference between out maneuvering each other to get a sales contract or win a car race and working together for change in the United States of America.  WE need to be able to differentiate tell the difference between competing, maneuvering and working together as a group of people to bring change in the United States of America and continue the good works of Martin Luther King.  

In conclusion, on April 4, 1968 an awesome human being died and his name was Martin Luther King Jr.  but his dream did not die, his good works did not die.  After the death of Martin Luther King Jr many riots, looting and much anger came about.  I have to say justifiable anger and fear however not justifiable actions.  People were scared of going back to the way things were and thought “before you hurt us and put us back like we were we will disable you with riots, looting, killing and so on”.  Today in 2019 we realize we are not where we want to be in the United States of America.  If people decide to work towards change in the United States of American think of how many more people regardless of color, religion, political status, rich, poor or nationality can one day say, I have a dream and I know that someday that dream will become reality!