All Life Has A Dead

Wherever there is life there is a start date and there is an end date.  Wherever there is life includes humans, dogs, cats, plants and batteries.  Regardless of the life form there is a start date and one day there will be an end date where one day you will hear

  • your dad is dad, my dad is dead
  • your mom is dead, my mom is dead
  • __ child died
  • the car battery is dead
  • the dog is dead
  • the cat died today
  • the remote control batteries are dead
  • look the plant is dead
  • wow their grass is dead


We have all had a loved one die at some point in our life.  If you have a pet or pets we have all had a pet die at some point in our life. We all react different to the death of a loved one, a pet or a plant.   For some the death of a loved one brings anger.  Let me just say that anger in death in my opinion is normal.  In my opinion the reason that anger in some deaths is normal comes about when the person died because of a drunk driver, or run over or shot or killed.  Hopefully you understand my point that this type of death was because of the carelessness or anger or revenge of someone. Therefore is it understandable that the loved ones would feel anger.   The death of someone being sick is a different type of death because this sometimes brings about the “IF only we had ___ medicine or if only __ had taken better care of their health”.

The most important thing in life is to appreciate and love because we have the person or persons right now, at this moment.  It is when we do not appreciate and love the person or persons that GUILT will eat at us and guilt will extend the sorrow. You see you are not sad or depressed because the person has died, you are actually sad and depressed because of the guilt you have.  Maybe you forgot to say “I love you”.   Maybe you were in too much of a hurry to say “I appreciate you”.   Maybe you just took for granted that the person would be their tomorrow to say   “hey thank you”. 

In 2019 we these extra extended ‪ways of keeping loved ones around. We have people that want to cremate their loved ones then use the ashes to plant a tree or flowers on the home property.  Yes, believe or not and that sounds a bit creepy to me but some people do actually cremate their loved dead one then use the ashes to plant a tree or flowers.  Source link We have people that use the cremated ashes to have a tattoo put on their body. We have people that use the cremated ashes of a loved one to turn them into a Vinyl Record. Source link

Do you know WHY people want to extend their loved ones?  The answer is because they want to prolong the loved one being with them.  Maybe they forgot to say “love you”  or show they loved the dead person.  Therefore,  bringing back the dead person as a planted tree or planted flowers will give them the opportunity, give them the second chance looking for so they can take care of or show love or show appreciate. With respect to “Freedom of Choice” I am going to say say that guilt will make you do some crazy things. We do not APPRECIATE and LOVE ‪when person is alive ‪as a human being ‪so we look to bring back as a plant etc.  However, the loved one Bob or Betty is dead, it’s too late to show Bob or Betty you cared about them.  WHAT are you going to do …….. buy organic fertilizer for the tree or plant to show you care.  Will turning a loved one’s cremated ashes into a tree or plant really help you feel better  (while everyone else is creeping out)  OR  would it be best IF you cry and then cry again then start showing people you care about them and telling them you care about them.

In conclusion, death is the end process of life that is why we appreciate and love when person OR pets alive.  Let me just clarify that I am not a cold cold person. Recently when my mother died I was saddened to lose her. However, do you want to know something? While my mom was still alive I went to visit her, I told my mom that I loved her, I massaged her feet and legs and on Sunday night I left because I knew she would be dying soon and honestly I just could not handle being at home when she died. My mom was at peace with herself and with God plus she had a good life. Will I miss her? Oh my gosh yes, I will miss my mom much but while my mom was alive I loved her, I told her I loved her and I appreciated her. My mom will be with me forever. My mom will be a part of my life forever. In ALL life comes dead so we mourn and like my mom always said “Life Goes On”. The next time you see someone that you care about don’t forget to say “love you” or “I appreciate you”.  You have NO  GUARANTEE  in life that you will see the person again or will have the opportunity to say something.  IF you say nothing you will regret not having said the things you desired to say.   All life regardless if humans, plants, pets or batteries have a start date and have an end date. 


I appreciate you

I appreciate you reading my blog post

Love you