Nipsey And Us

In gangs and ex gangs RESPECT is one of the most important factors. However, in everyday life RESPECT is much appreciated. I remember growing up my mom would say, “if you respect someone regardless of who or what they are that is priceless Nancy and don’t you ever forget that”.


He was in a good mood because he was in his neighborhood and saw the good he had brought about. Someone approached him, he made the statement, just a small casual statement no big deal “hey man I heard and word on the streets is that you are an informant. Is it true are you an informant?” I am unsure what frame of mind the recipient of those remarks was in but he felt DISRESPECTED. He left the location and came back with a gun to shoot the person who made the statements. He shot two times (at this point the victim might have survived). The shooter walked away then came back and shot again and again and again till the person was dead.


Nipsey Hussle died Sunday March 31, 2019 and the world lost an awesome person that never forgot where he came from. He helped his neighborhood ECONOMICALLY and was about to help his neighborhood with gang VIOLENCE. Nipsey Hussle was scheduled to meet with the Police Chief and gangs to figure out a way the gangs could CO-EXIST inside one planet without continually wanting to kill each other or injure each other. The meetings did not happen but the works of Nipsey Hussle to agree to co-exist can continue. Therefore, let’s see WHAT are some of the obstacles that face ANY gang war peace or treaty:

  1. Well IF two fighting sides are going to be communicating THEN um that kinda leaves out the manipulators and controllers. Therefore, what are they going to do to make their ends meet financially or get profit from or make money from IF no more manipulating and controlling.
  2. IF two sides are communicating then are the police and security guards still going to get their protection money?
  3. IF two sides are communicating are they going to talk about the protection and contacts of each other. This would reveal lots of big names that are friends AND this would reveal lots of big names that are enemies.


In conclusion, NOTHING can justify murder. However, it is important to ACCEPT that SOME things WE say hurt people to the point that they want to get violent. We may make harmless statements or questions but the recipient is not mentally well or may be angry and will misinterpret our questions, comments and statements. LIFE sometimes stinks more than a skunk but the most important thing is that we have to learn from that and not let that stop the future. I wish you much success and luck in deciding to co-exist. I was inspired to write this because I am visiting in Los Angeles California and saw how much of a beautiful city this is and such good peoples are here. You cannot let the actions of one destructive person stop all the good works that Nipsey Hussle did and was looking forward to doing. We mourn the dead person but WE do not stop the works of the dead person.