Good-bye Summer Fruits

The days were hot and wow in some cities the temperatures reached over 100 degrees.  Yet the summer foods kept everything in balance and justified the hot temperatures.  Where did the days go so quickly when you start looking for the summer fruits watermelon and peaches.

Life Goes On waaaaaaaaa but not without some tears and reflecting.  Hope you got to grill the pineapple and taste how much sweeter it is when put on the bbq grill.  My summer favorites were the jalapeno peach and cream cheese jalapenos cooked on the bbq grill or a skillet or a Mexican comal.  First you roast the sliced in half  jalapenos then add some cream cheese and squashed up peached then to get that fatty oh no I’m  going to sin now effect ….. you just put those jalapenos and finish cooking them in the bacon grease you just cooked to wrap those babies in.   I learned something new this summer and that is making decorative watermelon shapes out of cookie cutters.  Yeap that was fun first you slice up some watermelon then go at them with some cookie cutters in shapes of hats, hearts and just about anything else you want.  This can also be done with melon and jello.

In conclusion, seasons come and seasons go bring with them and taking with them the season foods. The most important thing is to remember they will be back next season.  That gives us time to think about some creative new recipes for the summer fruits and summer veggies.  Just remember that you can bbq any time of the year you just might have to wear a sweater a scarf and some gloves if it gets too cold.