The change of seasons is here and what better way to say  “welcome new season”  than with chili peppers on a Mexican Comal.  My mom would tell me stories about how her mother (my grandmother) would fill the home of chili peppers on the Mexican Comal till the skin was burned.  The smell, the aura, the ambiance that comes from the smell of chili peppers is like none other.  Expect to get teary eyed, runny nose and you might want to open a window a crack or savor the smell while it lingers.  I love to smell the peppers on the Mexican Comal which brings so many good memories and new good memories to be made.

How do you start?  The Mexican Comal is not expensive and can be purchased at some grocery stores like H.E.B. or your local grocery store.  Good point is that this Mexican Comal can serve various uses.  You can use the comal to make some beef, chicken or shrimp fajitas.  You can use the comal to make tortillas on. Grocery stores in the baking isle sell flour tortilla mix to make some homemade flour tortillas.  The directions for making tortillas are on the bag and most just require adding water plus you can get creative with adding some spices (paparika, turmeric etc) or add to your tortillas mix some crushed veggies (jalapenos, beets, etc).  Secret shared is that on my bucket list of  “to do things”  is making flour tortillas and add tequila to the mix then use the tortillas for fajitas (shrimp, beef, chicken).  So, you see buying a Comal is actually a good investment.  The cleaning instructions and care instructions are on the Comal.

You got your Comal now come the Chili Peppers.   The good thing is that chili peppers come in a variety of what I will call “hotness”.  You can get mild chili peppers  which actually are not hot. If you are a bold person you can get hot chili peppers.  You decide the level of the chili peppers. I put a little bit of olive oil on the Mexican Comal to get the comal hot.  Then after rinsing and drying off my chili peppers put then on the comal and turn them after the desired darkness reached.

Chili Peppers roasted now what?  The best chili peppers usage in my opinion comes from leaving the charred skin on the chili peppers.  The roasted chili peppers can be used for various cooking items.  You can chop them up and put them in your food from simple things to eggs all the way to steak.  Chili Peppers can also be put in veggies like corn, potato salad, hey you can put some diced chili peppers in some tortilla mix.  Get creative you are the boss in your kitchen when you are cooking.  Mexican salsa is another thing that can be made with the roasted chili peppers.

In conclusion, roasting chili peppers brings such a feeling of wonderful ambiance when the weather starts to change to cooler weather.  The variety is endless of things that you can make from one batch of chili peppers.  Chili peppers can be added into foods. You can add diced chili peppers to tortillas mix, or make some salsa.