Beautiful Dessert Not Hard

Have you ever looked at a beautiful cake and thought “wow wish I could make that”. Well, you can oh sure maybe not as fast or maybe not without practice but you can make a beautiful dessert. Many times we short ourselves but hey IF we go at our own pace and not the pace of a professional chef, we can make that beautiful meal. We do not have to be at the same pace as a professional chef. My mom would tell me, “Nancy do not let satan do your thinking for you”. Therefore, I will share that with you and tell you the same thing “do not let satan do your thinking for you”. OoOps was that your quote “friend” or your relative or your spouse that said you cannot make a beautiful cake just order one. Well, go back to what my mom said, “do not let satan do your thinking for you” so sorry babe bro sis or friend guess you just got labeled “satan” for trying to think for me. Let’s move on to a beautiful delicious eating creation.

Baking a beautiful and delicious cake is easier than we think. Let’s start with the cake the foundation of our beautiful cake. Ok we have a couple of options. One is get a recipe from the internet has some awesome recipe’s. However, honestly most of the times I use a box cake mix and my cake or cupcakes come out delicious. Secret shared when I make a cake using a box cake mix instead of water as the directions say, I use milk. Get creative use chocolate milk if making a chocolate cake, use Big Red soda to make a big red cake or use 7 up soda to make a 7 up cake. I use liquid Crisco for the oil that is listed on the back of the cake mix directions. Here is a thought, you could also use Sunflower oil or Peanut oil. Follow the directions on the cake mix and presto cake ready for the oven. Don’t forget you can add flavors (butterscotch, coconut etc and food coloring colors to your mix to get your desired cake). Do not forget to poke a knife or fork in the center of the cake to make sure it is ready after you take it out the oven and the cake is not raw. Hey, just a note if your cake is raw in the center do not panic. Cut out the sides baked and frost those and then enjoy your “petit fours” that is what those French little dessert cake pieces are called.

The filling for the cake. Will you be putting a filling in the cake or just leave as is? I found that grocery stores baking isles have some great cake fillings and you can use the can pie fillings also (just remember to taste so add anything you might want to add). A chocolate cake with brady cherries for filling would be awesome. Hum, you are thinking how would that be made? Well simple, a can of cherry pie filling and some brandy mixed (taste taste taste) and if you want the cherries to appear darker just add some brown food coloring. Baking Supply stores have large varieties of cake fillings and cake flavors and food coloring’s also. Plus bakery supply stores sell bags to pipe your frosting out of to make some designs on your cake. Well, cake in the oven almost out (remember to let cool before applying filling or frosting). The decision of filling or no filling has been made.

Moist cake, one sure way and a secret that most bakeries use is a spray bottle. After your cake is cooled off with a toothpick or fork gently poke holes on the top of the cake or cupcakes. Then spray with a spray bottle. Yes a regular clean or new spray bottle with sugar water or the same liquid you used in the cake recipe. This will ensure that your cake or cupcakes will stay moist.

Frosting, ou this is my favorite part because I love getting at the frosting bowl after I finish. I will typically a good frosting recipe and make my frosting from scratch especially if I am going to use a box cake mix. Honestly, I seldom make a cake from scratch and no one knows so shhhhh. I absolutely love making the stove top German chocolate frosting, or vanilla frosting or chocolate frosting. You can get creative with the frosting. Hum, how about some butter scotch flavor in that vanilla frosting or coconut or putting some peanut butter in with your frosting. Some grocery stores have the grind your own peanut butter and cashews and chocolate with peanuts all grinned together …. a total yum to add to your frosting or a thin layer on top of your cake before your frost the cake. IF you are going to use the store bought frosting, I recommend using the Fluffy White box frosting. This is one of my favorites and delicious. Plus very simple to make just boil some hot water and turn on your mixer (no need to get creative with this frosting because it is delicious just following the directions). If you are going to use the container frosting those are good and when in a hurry I have used those. However, I add a bit of vanilla or strawberry flavor to make it seem homey.

Got the cake done, the filling decision made and the frosting made gee that was simple. You can decorate the top or the sides of the cake with sprinkles or candy or whatever you want. Oh sure maybe your cake will not come out 100% the way you want but next time oh oh watch out world. Get a spoon, grab the ice cream and let’s eat some cake. Enjoy