Lobster Gravy Please

Thanksgiving Day traditions are great because of shared memories passed down from year to year.  In some instances recipes are passed down from generation to generations.  What if for one year you decide to do something different or maybe just as a second option to have.   What if this year you decided to take the attitude of  “no more spinach for me”. 

Lobster gravy instead of the tradition gravy to pour over your turkey or ham is what I am suggesting.  Lobster gravy could be a second gravy option, but let me warn you to make plenty because Lobster gravy is going to be popular.  The idea first occurred to me after I ate my delicious lunch that I made of Pork Chops with Peach salsa with a side of apple fried rice.  Yes that was a delicious lunch and several hours later the idea of Lobster Gravy for Thanksgiving came to mind.  Hold on before you put off the idea of lobster gravy. The benefits of eating lobster are many.  Therefore, let me remind us that lobsters help fight thyroid disease.  Lobsters also help fight depression and anemia plus lobsters are a great source of protein. 

Recipes are great and I found a couple of lobster sauce, lobster gravy recipes.  I have my own Lobster Gravy recipe in six easy steps and I will share with you. One, cook the lobster any way you want.  Two put cooked lobster into food processor to liquefy or turn to a mush, I add Pellegrino Mineral water as a liquid to help liquefy.  Three, brown flour in separate pan.  Four when flour brown take off fire a minute and add milk to desired consistency and stir.   Five put back on stove and stir then slowly add the lobster mix from food processor and add the spices here, I just use salt and pepper.  Six if too thick add more milk and Pellegrino water to liquefy.  HERE you can stop or if you want to make more liquid you can put into a blender or food processor.  Bam ready to serve on top of the turkey or ham and you can add a bit on your mashed potatoes.  I have also enclosed two recipes that I found.  Just click on the link and you will be re-directed to the page.  Emeril’s Lobster sauce (gravy)  recipe   and here is another lobster gravy recipe

In conclusion, Thanksgiving Day meal traditions are great because of shared memories and passed down memories.  However, making NEW MEMORIES  is just as good.  Who would have thought about Lobster Gravy on your turkey or ham or mashed potatoes.  Lobster Gravy might be something you decide to try or you just might pass. However, Lobster Gravy is something that you will definitely think about if you decide to pass.  Some day at some undesired moment you will think to yourself  “I wonder how Lobster Gravy would have tasted on the turkey or ham or mashed potatoes”.   Remember passed down Thanksgiving Day meal memories are great however making NEW  MEMORIES  is awesome.