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Strawberries, Mascarpone Cheese and Champagne Tamales

In today’s day we have such a bigger variety of tamales. For example when I went to visit my cousin Diana in Los Angeles, California she took me to an awesome grocery store named Vallarta where they have all colors and flavors of tamale mix to sell YEAR ROUND. That is what I am talking about, a big variety of tamale masa (mix) entices a larger variety of tamales. When I saw the pink masa (mix) immediately I thought about strawberries with mascarpone cheese and champagne tamales. For the green masa mix immediately I thought about lamb with mint tamales. The possibilities are endless when making tamales because can make the traditional or NEW tamales.

I grew up in a household where tamales were a part of our life all year long and especially for Christmas Eve. Geez come to think of it the tamales were just as important as the toys and Christmas tree. I am not going to get into the tamale recipes because so many exist and you can google for a tamale recipe to your likes. I thought I would throw some tamale ideas out to you.

The base all starts with the masa to make the tamales. The grocery stores sell the dry masa you mix the ingredients with and some stores sell the masa already made ready to spread on the corn husks. The masa is the tamale dough out of corn flour product. When we ate tamales as a kid the masa was a basic masa (mix) and only one masa was available which is the standard yellowish masa. However, today wow oh wow we have many colors and flavors of masa which is fantastic because we can let our imagines work and have tamales year round. I saw the Vallarta grocery store in Los Angeles, California area has all colors of masa. The have a beautiful red, a pink, a bright yellow, a white and a brownish. The white is fantastic because you can add food color and flavors to make green tamales or purple tamales to make lavender tamales. We are so lucky in today’s days because the masa is already made for us. What I like to do is add spices and flavors to my masa. Red or pink masa gets strawberry flavor, green gets mint and yellow gets pineapple flavor and purple gets lavender and elderflower flavor. Folks the possibilities are endless and you can also add to your masa (mix) some tequila, champagne or wine.

The filling is the most important part and here is where I just let my imagination go go go. With the red or pink masa I suggest strawberry and mascarpone cheese with a bit of champagne. The strawberry flavor or champagne you added to the masa will complement the tamale filling. For the green tamales I suggest lamb and that mint flavor you added in the masa will complement the filling. For the lavender, purplish color masa I suggest cream cheese and chicken. The lavender flavor and elder flower flavor will complement the tamale filling. The possibilities are endless for the tamale filling. Some tamale fillings that I suggest are beef, pork, chicken, strawberries and mascarpone cheese, cream cheese and chicken, beans and cheese, brisket, sweet potato, raisins and pineapple, fish, lobster.

Wow, I am hungry already just thinking about all the fantastic delicious tamales and variety of tamales. You can also buy tamales at the grocery store and/or restaurants. Regardless if you decide to make your own tamales or buy some you are going to have a delicious treat.