Chocolate Covered Strawberries

When deciding on a topic to write about in February many good food ideas came to mind. However, since the month of February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day, I decided to put a bit more thought into my decision. We have some people that do not eat meat, we have some people that are vegan, we have some people that are vegetarians, etc. I wanted to keep the blog post simple and do able on a busy schedule. I thought of something that would be fitting for everyone and that is Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

Yummy yum yum and delicious. Let’s start off with the strawberries. Many people worry that strawberries will not be sweet in February and how do those fancy expensive chocolate strawberry vendors get produce those absolutely delicious chocolate covered strawberries. Ok, well let’s get creative. I did some poking around and found that some strawberry vendors soak the strawberries in sugar water for 24 hours. Hum, I once tried that but ahhh it was ok and I don’t think it was the same as the strawberry vendor. Then, I thought about cooking a turkey. Yeap, when we cook a turkey we inject it with butter etc. Therefore, why not do the same for our strawberries. Geez the possibilities are endless I thought. Being the creative one that I am, I thought ok some strawberries get the sugar and water solution AND got this little bottle of vodka so some get the vodka shots. My mind went totally creative, when I thought ok and here are some margaritas that I made so bam you strawberries get some injections of that, just as if I was cooking a turkey. Peach Bellini, Mimosas geez as I previously said you can give those strawberries any shot you want to add flavor (or an excuse to sneak in a drink). However, you can also leave the strawberries plain that is your choice. You know what you can also put some mascarpone cheese in those strawberries or some strawberry cream cheese.

Next, comes the coating on the strawberries. We have dark chocolate, we have milk chocolate and we have white chocolate. Chocolate is sensitive and we cannot get as creative with the melted chocolate except maybe with a drop or two of whatever flavoring you want. I have melted my chocolate in all three ways: using the microwave, using a double broiler (you can make your own and put steam water in bottom pan and pan with chocolate on top), and I have used the low heat burner with melting the chocolate in the pan (this is super sensitive and testy because you can burn the chocolate quick if not careful). Regardless of the method you choose to melt your chocolate you can get a good liquid to coat your strawberries with. The best thing is that the recipes are usually on the bars of chocolate or on the bags with the chocolate bits. When coating the strawberries remember that the presentation of the strawberries leaves and stems is just as important as the strawberry taste. Therefore, take the time to fix the strawberry leaves and stems to look pretty. Also something that I did not know until doing research for this blog post is that the strawberry leaves and stems are beneficial in eating. Here is the source link

In conclusion, your chocolate covered strawberries regardless how they taste or look are going to be appreciated and liked by you and whoever else eats them. Strawberries are delicious and WE learned that eating the strawberry leaves and stems is beneficial to our health. February is the month of love and regardless if you have the time to make chocolate covered strawberries or buy them you are showing love for you plus. Enjoy and see you next blog post.