Biscuits yay

How many foods do you know that can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner plus dessert? One of my favorite things to make and eat are biscuits. The reason my love for biscuits is much is because biscuits are so versatile. Biscuits can be eaten for all three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner plus used as a dessert. Ok, in today’s life style we have bisquick mix, pre-made biscuits, and you can pick some biscuits at the grocery store, bakery or restaurant. Biscuits got to love them because you can make them or buy them.

Let’s start with biscuits for breakfast. A cup of warm coffee and a warm biscuit with strawberry jelly is close to heaven. Who does not want to eat a warm biscuit where the butter melts and the jelly or jam turns warm. Oh, my gosh I am getting hungry just thinking about warm biscuits. For an absolutely awesome biscuit breakfast, many options are available. Pop a can of pre-made biscuits open, make them from scratch or make them using bisquick mix or pick the biscuits up somewhere the day before. Despite buying biscuits the day before, I will spray the biscuit with water using a spray bottle then wrap biscuit in aluminum foil, put in the oven or small toaster oven and leave uncovered about 2 minutes to get that crispy top. Despite a biscuit with jelly or jam being enough many other foods options to accompany the biscuit are available. Split a biscuit open and put and egg some cheese and yes don’t forget a small piece of breakfast sausage or slices of bacon.

For lunch you can continue the biscuit love by adding some sliced ham, maybe some turkey and mayo to make delicious mini sandwiches. My favorite for lunch is chicken tenders biscuit sandwiches. A salad on the side or some fruit is an excellent lunch. If you are in the go wild food mood, then biscuits with sausage gravy, is a luxury lunch that you have the rest of the day to work off the calories. Open faced biscuit with tuna salad is healthy. Here is a biscuit lunch idea that I have been wanting to try but been a bit too busy. Therefore, I will share with you, my biscuit lunch idea. Cut a biscuit in half, put some spinach leafs and add a piece of buttered salmon you just cooked. Then quickly melt some cream cheese. To melt the cream cheese for whatever dish I usually combine cream cheese, a bit of water or milk and add some spices (seafood spices, tobasco sauce, poultry spices, crawfish spices, my favorite spice that I add to foods is spicy creole spice). One of my favorite places to get spices is Whole Foods bulk foods or H.E.B. Central Market bulk foods if you are in the Texas area. Lucky you if you are in the Central Market area because you can find some tosasco sauce powder spice in the bulk foods section. Fair warning do not be alarmed by the price of the tobacco sauce power spice because a small bag will not cost you much. Once the cream cheese is melted with your desired spices then drizzle or pour on top of the salmon and enjoy your delicious moist lunch.

Dinner and biscuits can be just as delicious and simple. A can of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup some left over chicken you cut up or grab a rotisserie chicken at the store. Combine all in a pan and cook. In a baking pan place biscuit bottoms, add chicken combo and biscuits tops on top then place in the oven for a bit and presto dinner. For dessert how about some strawberry shortcake with your biscuits. Oh my gosh what a biscuit meal filled day.