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Cooking During Stay At Home Order

Is it important to change our eating habits when we change something as simple as staying at home. Come on now, first comes the stay at home order then we have to change our eating likes and portions. These were some of the questions that I had to acknowledge when Stay at Home order was issued for Texas along with many other states.

I did research of alternative food ideas for the same foods that I like on a typical day. I was amazed at how many helpful suggestions are available on the internet. Eggs boiled were economical and usable if do not finish. A boiled egg left over from breakfast can be turned into a deviled egg or chopped up and put with a potato to make a small portion of potato salad. Peanut Butter is great on the bagel, toast and is a delicious snack when used to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Honestly, staying at home is when making food fun is important. Internet searches for recipes and ideas is helpful to occupy time and make some delicious new foods. One of my favorite to eat is cheeseburgers. I would not believe it, If someone had told me I would like a zucchini cheeseburger just as much as a cheeseburger with a bun. What I did is that I mixed my hamburger meat just like a standard hamburger patty. We all like different spices therefore, I will not elaborate on the spices that I used. After my hamburger patty was ready, I put the standard cheddar cheese on the patty. I sliced up some zucchini and then put that on the skillet. I used the zucchini as the bread, saved calories because of no mayo. Secret to share is that on the second round of mini cheeseburgers I did add mayo on some. At first, I was reluctant to try the food suggestion however, once I tried it my appetite was completely satisfied. The picture shows the end result, I was too busy eating my food to take a picture. Therefore, I used the internet picture I found for my blog post.

In conclusion, staying at home is going to be something to adjust to not only with attitude but with food cooking and food consumption. Remember we will be at home more, therefore the food smell will linger and linger. Next day we cook again and the food smell lingers again. Do we want to have food smells every day or do we want to make food that can also be eaten cold (tuna, chicken salad, egg salad, salad). Good luck and have a relaxed Stay at Home.