Be Creative With Food

These are tough times for many people.  It is no fun having to multi-task between keeping kids entertained and making dinner. Many people hope that the next email says you got the job.  Or if you are lucky enough to get home tired from work.  We may not be able to make everything ok but we can put a smile on the face of everyone at the dinner table. We all have to eat at some time or another. Therefore, why not get creative with food.

Summer fruits are awesome foods to get creative with. Keeping things simple is one way to ensure that everyone will be able to get creative with food.  When I went to to get ideas on making creative foods, I was amazed at how many ideas were on the internet.  Everything from apples to pineapples to watermelon to just about every fruit in the produce section.  Plus getting creative with foods does not have to stop with summer foods because a pan full of brownies or a sheet cake and a shaped cookie cutter will bring beautiful dessert results.

My favorite is the watermelon basket that has been around for many years.  You simply cut a basket out of a watermelon.  Get a melon ball scoop and start making balls out of whatever you want.  You can even use a melon ball scoop on apples, bananas, pineapple, kiwi along with watermelon and cantelope.  The watermelon basket is a beautiful center piece for your dinner table or a great way to serve food. Cookie cutters are great help in getting creative with foods.  A heart shaped cookie cutter, a hat shaped cookie cutter, etc will make some of adorable shaped foods. 

In conclusion, we may not be able to make everything in the world beautiful, but we can make a beautiful meal.  When we get home, when we eat is when we get a chance for a little bit of time to forget about all.  Like my Pastor Hagee always says, “it’s show time”.   People at your dinner table are aware of the troubles and worries going on, hey save the conversations for the after dinner coffee in the living room etc.  At the dinner table, it is show time ……. time to put on a happy face and ensure everyone enjoys the meal and each other.