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One Meat 7 Different Meals

These are tough times, much different than many people have experienced or would ever see to experience.  Therefore, helping each other and remember not to push the panic button helps.  Buying in bulk is ok, and most people think “will use half and freeze half so no problem”.  However, we have a different option here before we put half in the freezer.  How many foods do you know that will give you a different dish all week.  I found one GROUND BEEF.  Seven different meals can be made in 7 different days. Let’s start.


Monday . . Italian Food. Monday is  great day for Italian food so how about some Spaghetti with meat sauce. I sometimes buy the jar pasta sauce and add some red wine or Pelligrino mineral water and maybe some Italian spices (bulk food sections are great for this).

Tuesday . . Mexican Food. Tuesday is taco Tuesday. Grab a bag of taco mix from the spices isle at the grocery store. Make some beef crispy or soft tacos.

Wednesday . . Mexican Food. Beef and cheese Mexican enchiladas. Yum these are my favorite. The grocery stores sell the enchilada sauce in the can or jar if you are in a hurry.

Thursday . . Mediterranean Food. Roll in oblong shapes some ground beef on those long sticks (screws) cook in the oven or stove top. Then service over rice Mediterranean style. Bulk foods section are great for Mediterranean spices.

Friday . . American Food. Cheeseburger Friday yay.

Saturday . . Mexican Food. Saturday brunch with ground beef and egg tacos, some side fruit, fresh orange juice and coffee.

Sunday . . American Food. Sunday is a great day for old fashion meat loaf made with the ground beef. I keep my meat loaf simple with ground beef, smashed crackers, 2 eggs, salt pepper, small pieces of onion and green bell pepper. Sometimes i add a small dash of red wine. I put some round ring slices of green bell pepper for color contrast on top. I use the can of tomato soup for top gravy. I just add some spices to the tomato soup.

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In conclusion, we can make a variety of foods with just one meat. Add a couple of Frosti Root Beers, some jello, some peach ice tea and we are in a week of menu items to delight.  I realize that some people do not eat meat therefore you can substitute that plant food ground beef.  Some other ground beef alternatives are lamb ground beef, turkey ground beef or buffalo bison ground beef. One day WE will look back and say, that was tough but we were tougher and  we helped each other …… Xoxo Nancy

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