Peach Sauce On Entree

I was at the grocery store one day and trying to decide what to cook for Christmas Dinner. The turkey was delicious for Thanksgiving but i did not want to repeat that for Christmas. Then i thought about ham but i had just put some ham in the grocery basket for ham sandwiches during the week. Then i saw a man grab a pre-cooked Duck and that is when i got the idea. It’s not the meal Entree for a different Christmas Meal it is the sauce that will be put on the Entree that will make the Christmas Meal different.

I found some Peach Sauce in the grocery isle for ice cream toppings. I looked at the label of ingredients so did not have too much sugar since i would be mixing with peaches. Now comes the tough part, where was i going to find some fresh peaches in December. Yikes, what had i gotten myself into of thinking Peach Sauce in December. I looked at the grocery store i was in but no luck, no fresh peaches. Next day , i went on my standard costco store trip thinking i might have some luck finding peaches. Well, unfortunately no fresh peaches in the produce section at costco in December. I saw some frozen peaches but thought no, i think i will pass on the frozen peaches. Then going down the costco isles one by one BAM their they were in a jar in the canned foods section …… peaches, Zalea whole peaches in light syrup big jar only $9.89 The perfect whole peaches in light syrup with the bone that could be used for more than peach sauce to put on meat entree.

NY steak strip or Cowboy steak something different with peach sauce on top was decided on for my Christmas Meal. On with the sauce making. Slice 9 peaches, depending on how many people you are feeding. If you make excess sauce no problem put in on top of white fried rice the next day. After you slice the peaches in any shape and size you want then put the sliced peaches in a pan with about 1/4 cup water till and cook on low heat till semi tender. You do not want the peaches too mushy so you can taste that texture difference between meat and peach sauce. After the peaches have been softened add the peach sauce, Worcestershire Sauce and salt to taste but remember because the Worcestershire Sauce has sodium you might not need any salt or very little salt. It is very important to taste the sauce during cooking because only you know your likes and dislikes in food. Most people always ask, “how should it taste” and the answer is that the peach sauce should taste the way you would eat it, not too salty and not too sweet but good enough to add to your meat entree.

In conclusion, the entree is always important in any meal however the sauce on top of the meat entree will get you bonus points. Your freshly made Peach Sauce will go fantastic on top of just about any meat entree. Duck, Ham, Turkey or Steak whatever you decide to have as your entree for your meal you are going to enjoy your meal. For the side dishes i suggest mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and corn bread with some sweet tea. Some alternative side dishes are asparagus and carrots (you can cook the carrots differently and cook whole carrots cut in half stove grilled with a bit of fresh Meyer lemons juice on top). Enjoy your Christmas holiday meal and Merry Christmas my friend.