Ready Food

Rice Pudding hot or cold, today and tomorrow

I enjoy cooking occasionally however, some days I just want my food to be ready. Oh sure cook and freeze in batches is good because only have to put in the microwave. However, I only use the microwave as a last resort. I am unsure about you but I am not a microwave person by choice. Therefore, having to warm up food on the stove would defeat the purpose of a mood “I do not feel like cooking today”. What am I supposed to do? No, eating out or take out is not an easy option.

Rice Pudding or as I called it growing up “white rice” is the answer to days when want something made that can be eaten straight out the refrigerator cold. Life can be simple folks. Make a batch of rice pudding and you can eat it warm on that day then put the rest in the refrigerator. Rice pudding is one of the simplest things to make and just about anyone can make it. The best thing is that rice pudding can be eaten hot or cold to satisfy the mood of “I do not want to cook, eat out or order take out today”. First step is cook the rice in water. I grind some nutmeg and cinnamon sticks then put that in with the rice and water. Add a bit of vanilla and then when the rice is cooked bam drain some of the water and add a couple cans of evaporated milk. I typically add more freshly ground nutmeg and cinnamon when I add the milk. Now to sweeten so many options to choose from starting with regular sugar, brown raw sugar, honey, or cane sugar.

The rice is made, it has the milk and has been sweetened with your choice of sweetener. Now come the extras, raisins regular or golden raisins. Adding some cranberries would be great, oh hey how about adding some tangerines and almond chips for that next day treat. One great idea is to make your rice pudding, white rice then when you divide it in bowls add different items. In one bowl of rice pudding, white rice you can add raisins, in another bowl you can add tangerines with almond chips and so one. The best thing is that the next day you do not have to cook, go out to eat or order take out because open the refrigerator and dinner is ready.

In conclusion, life can be easy if we choose to lighten our load. Making something to eat does not have to be a burden. These are stressful days for just about everyone. If your days are not stressful then goodie foodie gum drops however how about some understanding and empathy for others. I like cooking occasionally, ordering out pizza or going out to eat but once in a while it sure feels good to open the refrigerator and bam dinner is ready. No need to put a sandwich together, no need to warm up, no need to get a clean plate just grab a spoon and take the lid off the container. Enjoy!