Meat dish

Keeping Meat Moist At BBQ

Many people enjoy the BBQ season. Most people cook the hot dog or hamburger patties all at once. Then the patties are put on a platter or pan and eaten as desired. However, a couple of hours after you cook the meat well the meat starts to get dry. The most embarrassing part of a BBQ is having someone grab a hamburger patty or hot dog wiener and oops the meat is a bit dry.

A simple way exist to keep meat moist and that is Beef Broth also called Beef Stock. In a pan warm up the beef broth, beef stock on the stove or on the grill. Either keep the beef broth in the same pan or put in a larger pan and add your meat hamburger patties, wieners etc. Leave the pan with beef broth, beef stock and meat over in the corner of the BBQ grill so they stay warm. You are probably thinking “hum maybe i can do this for chicken also”. The answer is yes, I suggest putting your chicken in Chick Broth or Chick Stock while it is waiting to be eaten. Do not worry you can take a hamburger patty or wiener out of the beef broth and put it back on the grill for a couple of minutes, not longer.

In conclusion, it is that simple to keep your BBQ meat moist and keep the meat from getting dry. If you cook some corn on the cob on your grill you can put your corn in buttered water. BBQ’s are some of my favorite meals. I hope that you have an awesome BBQ. I hope these BBQ cooking tips have helped to ensure you have an awesome meal.