Conversations around dinner table

Life After Covid

Conversations around dinner table is a new category added to address everyday life issues. The setting is having dinner at the dinner table. Then as we eat we discuss a topic. I hope that you enjoy this new category added to Blog Nancy.

The dinner guest that was a small group of 10 people started arriving and were told they could go ahead and have a seat at the dinner table. The dinner table was dressed with a beautiful white table cloth. The center piece for the table had a variety of flowers. The beverage glasses were filled with homemade freshly squeezed lemonade. A push cart was used to transport the food from the kitchen to the eating table to avoid having to go back and forth to put food items on the table. Out from the kitchen came rolling a double decker push cart filled with foods, skillet cooked pork chops, a gravy bowl, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and warm buttered corn bread. The food was gently placed at the end of the table and the food platters would be passed around the dinner table. Before the food started being passed around the dinner table, i asked everyone to take a moment of silence to quietly give thanks to God or respect those that did. After the moment of silence Bob turns to me and ask, “Nancy why did you say IF you would like to give thanks to God”. I looked at Bob and said, “because Bob in the United States of America each individual has Freedom of Choice”. We may not like the choice the person makes and we may not agree with the choice the person makes. However, the freedom to choose is a right people have in this country and that’s the way we do things at my dinner table. Bob looked at me and gave a quick hum then took a sip of the lemonade and said, “delicious lemonade”.

I heard a knock on the door and from the dinner table I yelled, “come in”. In comes running three more guest Ramona, Sara, and Jill saying sorry for being late but we were arguing in the car. Ramona goes on saying Jill refuses to take her covid-19 vaccine since she is a teacher assistant and Sara who is a teacher has already taken the Covid-19 vaccine. I looked up eye brows bent and told all three ladies to have a seat we will be discussing school staff vaccines which is a popular concern with school starting soon. As i placed a pork chop on my plate, I said, “i am happy that we are having dinner together after more than one year of being away from each other. I have missed each and everyone one of you. Today, I made for us some homemade lemonade. I squeezed the lemons just hours ago, then mixed the lemon juice with some bottles of Fiji water. The pork chops were skilled cooked in olive oil. I made the gravy myself from browning the flour then adding milk and spices. The mashed potatoes were cooked and softened in the oven. I sliced the potatoes in half and put the covered pan in the oven with about 2 cups of milk and 1/2 a stick of butter. The potatoes were cooked in the oven so that the flavor would be more intense. When the potatoes were cooked and softened i put the potatoes in a bowl and added salt, pepper, the other 1/2 stick of butter, some of the milk butter liquid the potatoes were cooked in and some Pellegrino mineral water then broom broom with the hand mixer till the potatoes were fluffy. The green beans were bought at the Farmers Market and cooked on the stove in a pot with regular water, some Pellegrino mineral water, onions, heirloom tomatoes, salt and pepper. The cornbread was made from a package with milk, butter and then honey drizzled on top of the cornbread after taken out the oven. Please eat and enjoy as we discuss Life After Covid-19, coronavirus.

For over a year we have been in a situation that most of us would never have thought could exist in our country or could exist world wide. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of people not only physically but emotionally and mentally. Our mentality after Covid-19 coronavirus changed about how we prioritize things and just what is important to us. After Covid-19 coronavirus we started to say, “i care however i need to prioritize and put other things before”. Many people made changes to move closer to home, some moved in with friends or roommates, some people decided to move in with a love partner and some people decided to live alone. It seems that the things that were important before the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic are not as important after Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Our attitudes and our behavior has changed about how we think about things and what we do. In some ways life after Covid-19 coronavirus has us appreciate simple everyday things more. Simple everyday things appreciated more are things such as going to a coffee shop, going to the library, going to the movies, going to a museum, and so on. Many people and many things we often take for granted are appreciated more after the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Ramona with half a pork chop in her mouth yells out, “I agree Ms Nancy that is what I was telling Sara and Jill in the car as we were arguing, that they are taking their school jobs for granted”. Who is going to want their kids going to school and have teachers without taking their Covid-19 vaccine ? Sara, looks up at me and says, “I agree and that is why I decided to get my Covid-19 vaccine at Walmart pharmacy”. Then Jill yells out, “well we have dividers in the classrooms and the teaching staff is wearing mask”. The Texas Governor made a law that school staff is not obligated or required to wear a mask. Then Jill goes on, “and those people cannot ask me if I have been vaccinated or require me to wear a mask because that is against the Texas Governor law and the school can lose funding. I gently put my cornbread back down on my plate then i replied, “well girls Ramona is right you are definitely taking your school jobs for granted because who is going to want their kids going to school and the teachers refuse to take their Covid-19 vaccine. We have freedom of choice however with certain jobs and lifestyles come obligation and job responsibilities. You can be charged for being a contributing factor to someone getting Covid-19 if you are in a job where you have interaction with sensitive people (sick, kids, elderly, etc). As teaching staff you are entrusted and responsible for the kids. You are right Jill you cannot be asked or required to wear a mask to school and you cannot be fired for that. However, you can be fired after a closer look into your personnel file. Looking at checking to see if any juvenile or adult records expunged, checking to see if you have any gang affiliation, if you are using the correct date of birth, check the fingerprints with the FBI and internationally, look at college hours required and/or college degree acquired and so much more. I am going to be honest with you and tell you that I would not want to drop off my kids at a school where the teachers have taken an attitude and refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine. My situation is that as a parent, I am working, making a living for my kids and the last thing I need to do is be worried at work under more stress because my kids school staff has taken an attitude and the Texas Governor gives them their way.

When the Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine was announced some people ran to get the vaccine and some people still say, “no” to taking the vaccine. We have Freedom Of Choice however we also have job responsibility. This is a first for a lot of us because we have to think about job responsibility and who our job interaction might affect. A hotel manager, a store manager comes into contact with adult employees and adult guest. However, school staff comes into contact with adults and mostly children who have a different immunity system than an adult. Also a child can be a carrier of Covid-19 without anyone knowing since few kids will say not feeling good because then that will take away from video games, going outside etc privilege’s. Bob looked at me and said that he decided that he would not get the vaccine. Sally reached for the platter of green beans saying that she had taken the vaccine at Costco pharmacy. Frank who had been busy eating until now took another piece of warm cornbread from the platter and said, “well my Aunt Bertha told me she is not getting the vaccine because she heard about people getting blood clots”. Then Frank said, “and honestly Nancy that is why getting the vaccine is not going to happen for Frank here”. I smiled and looked at Frank and said, blood clots typically come because of lack of movement, lack of blood circulation so going for a walk after the Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine might be useful. Also Frank i want to share with you that lemons help thin the blood naturally so make yourself a glass of strong lemon juice and relax or you can stop by the health food juice places because they sell some delicious lemon and ginger shots (kind of like tequila shots but these are healthier). Then Bob said, “Nancy some of us here have gotten the vaccine and some have not gotten the Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine so are you alarmed by that”? I looked at Bob then replied that each of us has an individual decision to make regarding if we want to get the vaccine. Each person had a decision to make when sent a dinner invitation for today announcing that some had been Covid-19 coronavirus vaccinated and some had not been Covid-19 coronavirus vaccinated. We can take precautions. We can have an air purifier to help clean the air, we can wipe the table with Lysol wipes, we can take body temperatures, we can wear a face mask, we can spray Lysol, and so on. We do our best and we hope for the best but sometimes that is not enough. Despite doing our best and hoping for the best some people have got sick because of Covid-19 coronavirus and some people died because of Covid-19 coronavirus. Nurses, Doctors and other First Responders (ems, fire etc) all had to accept that they had done their best yet some people died. Yes, nurses and doctors see patients die and have patients die every day. However, nurses and doctors had not seen deaths in such high numbers. Nurses, Doctors and other First Responders had not seen or experienced patients having to be isolated from loved ones and loved ones not allowed to be at the bed side of sick person.

I looked at Bob and said, “you know Bob the Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine is not something that i was going to get”. I was reluctant and hesitant to get the vaccine because any vaccine usually takes years to come up with and these people came up with the vaccine after only months of work. However, the opportunity came up for me to go to Los Angeles, California for a couple of days. I thought well, I know that I take the necessary precautions to be safe by wearing a face mask, sanitizing, and practicing good hygiene. In Los Angeles i will be around some elderly people, that are sensitive. I thought, I love these people and i do not want to get them sick or risk getting them sick. Therefore, a couple of days before traveling to Los Angeles, California is when i went to get my Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine at a store that has a pharmacy. I took 3 Advil Dual Action the night before i went to get my vaccine and 2 hours after i got my Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine I took 3 Advil Dual Action. I have two reasons of why i decided to get the Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine. One reason is that despite taking years to develop a Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine i realized and accepted that many people have worked many hours to get us the vaccine. The second reason i decided to get the Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine is that i love these people that I will be around in Los Angeles and I do not want to risk getting them sick.

After Bob had put another spoonful of mashed potatoes on his plate, Bob looked at me and said, “Nancy how can we say life after Covid-19 coronavirus when now we have the Delta variant and other variants of Covid-19? I replied that the most important thing to remember is that right now we have a Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine available to us. Getting the Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine is an option however that option might not always be around or available. Hopefully, we will not have to endure the same things we endured during Covid-19 coronavirus. One thing is for sure and that is that we are aware what to expect during a pandemic and what we will be enduring. Therefore, we can make the needed changes. We can ask ourselves, do i want to move, do i want to change cities, do i want to change jobs, do i and am i prioritizing the things that are important to me or do i need to rearrange my list.