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Dr. Pepper Soda Ribs Or Chicken Legs

Ribs and Chicken legs are good football watching foods, good movie watching foods or just a good Sunday dinner. Ribs and chicken legs are delicious with BBQ sauce but what if you decided to cook the ribs and chicken legs a different way.  The same food dish with a twist.  I suggest the Dr. Pepper soda ribs or chicken legs. 

You might be thinking “um too sweet” the same thing that I thought when I first heard about the Dr. Pepper soda ribs. Several years ago when my friend introduced me to Dr. Pepper soda ribs at first I thought the idea was peculiar.  When my friend said, “Nancy do you want some Dr. Pepper soda ribs” the first thing I thought was, “ou too sweet”. Just like many of you are probably thinking, I thought the ribs with Dr. Pepper soda added to the meat would be too sweet of a meat for me. My licking my fingers for the Dr. Pepper ribs sauce proved me wrong and the Dr. Pepper ribs were not too sweet. I ate the Dr. Pepper soda ribs one bite after another and I was a Dr. Pepper soda ribs eater for sure. Don’t forget the bread because bread is a must. Regardless if your get just regular store bought bread or get your bread at a bakery or make your own bread. You have got to have the bread to dab some of that sauce with.

Beef or Pork ribs are available in most grocery stores. You can get beef ribs or pork ribs, plus you can get ribs with bone or boneless. The ribs I ate were beef ribs cooked in the oven at 325 degrees for about 3 hours with a bit of salt and pepper then a couple of cans of Dr. Pepper soda poured over the ribs and covered.  The result was some of the best ribs I have tasted. You can add two cans of Dr. Pepper soda or more.  The amount of Dr. Pepper soda you put on your ribs is up to you.  You can drain the ribs juice from the cooking container and then put the oven on Broiler if you want a semi crispy type of top for your ribs. The sauce you drained from the ribs juice can be poured over the Broiler semi crunchy ribs top. The slow cooker is also another way to cook  Dr. Pepper ribs.  Regardless if you decide to cook your ribs or chicken legs in the oven, the slow cooker or stove top I think you will enjoy the end result.  If you cook the chicken legs in the oven you can cook on Broiler for the last 5 or 10 minutes to get that semi-crispy chicken leg top.

Side dish and dessert will help balance your meal. I have some side dish tips to share. I have tried each one of these tips with either the Dr. Pepper soda ribs or the Dr. Pepper chicken legs. One side dish possibility is Habanero Peppers Macaroni and Cheese. If you prefer you can do just the plain macaroni and cheese. Potato Salad with large pieces of green bell peppers and red onions. You can add some pickle juice instead of salt to your potato salad. Mashed potatoes with a gravy made of sour fried or non fried pickles. Put the pickles in the blender and you can add pickle juice but not too much pickle juice because it is salty. After you smash up or liquify your pickles in the blender put that aside a moment. In a pan on the stove brown some flour in Olive Oil or Peanut Oil or whatever type of oil you use. Once the flour is browned you can add the pickles liquid from the blender instead of using all milk. TASTE stir then taste again because only you know your flavor likes. Remember corn starch can thicken a gravy if needed. Jalapeno Pinto Beans or Jalapeno Black Beans is another side dish for your Dr. Pepper soda ribs or your Dr. Pepper chicken legs . For dessert I would go with a plain Cheesecake with crushed or liquefied fresh fruit and whip cream on top or Angel Food Cake with liquefied fresh fruit on top. Let your meal be balanced and flow from sweet ribs, to a spicy or plain side dish, and then to a dessert to end an enjoyable meal. When various taste buds are awakened with your meal then that adds pleasure to your meal. Your mouth pallet awakened to the various taste will enhance your memorable meal experience. You do not want your guest to take a bite of food then do a head jolt back because sweet. Then take another bite of food and do a head jolt back because your side dish is sour. Balance your meal and flow indicates that not all your meal is sweet or spicy yet it is not one speed bump after another.

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