New Blog Start

New Blog Start In Spring

After 11 years of food blogging in my spare time, I have decided to say good-bye to Blog Nancy and start new. I will debut my NEW food blog sometime in February or March (in the spring). My food blog name will be changed. I am not sure what my new food blog name will be. I have been thinking of a new blog name. I have thought of a couple of names such as Fork or Spoon, Yum Yum Food, Food Yay. I will continue to think of a new blog name. In the meantime I have left some blog post up for us to read. Remember regardless where we are in this planet, we share the same moon and can stay in touch on social media. Stay Safe and do you (take care of you).

Thank You for reading my blog post. I appreciate you. ❤️ We had some good times, some good reads and good laughs. Good memories. As in all things .NOTHING .last forever ……….. And Life Goes On.

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SOMETHING  .TO  .THINK  .ABOUT  +  .REMEMBER .when you feel like judging +  self righteous 

➡️  . i have no tattoos

➡️  . i have no drug history  (illegal drugs or medical drugs) 

➡️  . i have no mental meds or mental hospital history 

➡️  . i have no alcoholic or alcoholism history 

➡️  . i have no being an informant and use, give a different name of someone else because scared

➡️  . i have no history of betraying the USA history thinking never will be caught because of my job or friends or going to church on Sundays

➡️  . i have no human trafficking or sex trafficking history then going to church on Sunday to Praise The Lord 

➡️  . i have no history of scamming, cheating or lying to drug dealers or organized crime people then say it’s ok and justify behavior because think they trash.

➡️  . i have no history taking money or property from someone that i set up to get busted and go to jail. 

❤️  🤍 . nothing last forever and life goes on …….. Eventually You Will Be Caught Or You Will Die

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