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HELLO WORLD  🌎    I stay away from anger filled people and hate filled people.  I suggest you do too because WE need to establish that LOVE wins over hate. ❤ I enjoy writing and in my spare time blog (write) on current events. Nice to meet you my name is Nancy Ann Morales.  I LOVE THE JACUZZI  ❤  I have no tattoos and since tattoos can be removed I will say that I have never had any tattoos. I’ve never been on illegal drugs like cocaine or marijuana etc. I’ve never been on Psychiatric meds.  Do I think I’m better than people that have tattoos ? The answer is no, my likes are different from maybe your likes and wants.  I have ALL types of friends from ALL society levels. I help them with my capabilities and they help me with their capabilities.   I live in Austin, Texas.  I moved from San Antonio, Texas to Austin, Texas about 8  years ago and it was just going to be a brief stop.  Then as this City of Austin, Texas took me in and I flourished in my artistic capabilities (writing) well, I learned to love Austin, Texas.  I knew nothing about recycle and organic food till I came to Austin, Texas.  Austin Texas is the LIVE music capital of the world. You can go to just about any location grocery store Central Market and Whole Foods, cafes and restaurants and hello music bands.  See, Austin, Texas is VERY much artistically inclined.  Austin Texas has a way of helping raise the artistic level of a person um not the scientist level of a person but raises the artistic level of a person.  For my blog post sometimes, I research, analyze and write then other times I just write on a topic.  I bring together LETTERS to make words, sentences and paragraphs. To me writing is not just about putting down words, it’s about putting down words that make a difference and matter.  CHEERS AND CHAMPAGNE TOAST.


ABOUT ME …….. My dad was a good man who was an auto-mechanic always fixing a car or putting a car together with junk yard parts or new parts. My mom is a good woman she worked in a cafeteria (move your ass down the line) along with taking care of us 7 kids and she did an awesome job. I come from a large family of 7 of us kids. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. We have a 10 year gap between the youngest in that first group and the oldest in our group. In the first set of 4 kids I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. In the second set of us 3 kids I have 2 brothers and me. As for me, I ran away at age 15 not because of abuse or anything but because I am headstrong and can be stubborn. At age 15 when hitch hiking was safe I started my discover the world and I met some awesome Russians that have been a part of my life since then (that’s when Russia was a communist country). During my brief hitch hiking adventure I learned much including that we in the USA have an awesome country. At age 15 is when my hobby of Research Analyze and Write started and no matter what my Russian friends ALWAYS made sure that I got schooling from Russia distant learning, that is when Russia was a Communist Country.  Just remember what Musician Justin Timberlake said at the Teen Awards ” the decisions you make as a teenager will stay with you forever”.   After my brief hitch hiking career, I started working for S.A.N.Y.O  which is the San Antonio Neighborhood Youth Association which puts teenagers to work during the summer. I first worked at the National Conference of Christian and Jews then next summer worked at a Recreation Center. Later I was a Security Guard at Playland Park. Then worked for the City of San Antonio Texas at the Police Department. I have been working since I was 15 years. No family is perfect however you learn to get over it and say, ” life goes on “.  IF you are going to dwell and refuse to move on what is going to happen ? You may be thinking “whatever Nancy you have no idea.” Ok, well I have seen and experienced the crazy older step-sister who is filled with anger because her father she never knew was deported back to Mexico by Mama. I have seen the older step-sister who never forgives you and always trying to pay me back because she thinks I slept with her Air Force Military boyfriend Tony then she ends up marrying a homeless alcoholic who grew up in a mental hospital (um hum inherited mental problems).  I have seen and experienced the sister who pretends to be you and encourages others to do the same of pretending to be you.  I know what life not happy or slightly happy is however I have chosen to say, ” life goes on”.   We Do Not Know WHY Things Happened or Did Not … we can choose to move on and walk away.


RELIGION …….. My religion, well yes I am a participant in a religion because I believe that EVERYONE needs a religious higher power to be accountable to DESPITE knowing that it’s all about science.  We as a society can never be too smart to forget that we need a God, a Buddha, a Jehovah, an Allah a Jesus.  Religion is needed in every society because Religion brings about that invisible boss of a higher power that is watching over us and establishes good and evil.  To be a participant in a religion does not require an individual to be PERFECT.  To attend church on Sunday does not require an individual to be perfect.  It’s ok to say, “I am a human being, not perfect and yes I sometimes go to church on Sunday”.


TWO MARRIAGES …….. I have been married two times and believe it or not both times the guy had the same first name just spelled differently. The first time I was married was when I was working for the City of San Antonio Texas at the Police Department. I came to Austin, Texas got married and that marriage ended in an annulment with the help of my attorney, Marylou Maloney. My second marriage we got married in Las Vegas Nevada and divorced in San Antonio Texas with the help of my attorney Sean O’Neal.


MY CURRENT LOVE LIFE …….. I am single and not romantically involved with anyone.


SCHOOL …….. As stated above in the “About Me” section I have been fortunate to get the majority of my education from Russia through distant learning. I have also attended some really good schools here in Austin, Texas and San Antonio, Texas. My schooling is in Psychology and Speech Communications.  Journalism that I got before moving to Austin, Texas.  I also have schooling in IT Service Management from St. Edward’s University Professional Education Center in Austin, Texas. IT Service Management is a strategic approach to teaching an individual how to disperse or sometimes keep from dispersing information to a company, group etc. I attended EGBI, Economic Growth Business Incubator how to have a business and how to run a business.  EGBI is in Austin, Texas.  I respected people who have a business before my EGBI school BUT AFTER oh my gosh … now it’s like “hey the business owner is counting on you and depending on you plus his ENTIRE company can be screwed by you”.   Needless to say I am very passionate about the loyalty that an employee should have towards their employer the business owner because HERE IS A PERSON that has said “I am going to bring about jobs to help people instead of me just working, making good money and not so much stress.   So, you are probably thinking, “hum after attending EGBI  what business did you decide on getting for yourself Nancy ?”  That is a good question and I encourage you to read on to the Personal Consultant section.  Presently attending Project Manager, PMP schooling at Consulting Solutions in Austin, Texas.  A Project Manger is briefly a person who is ultimately responsible for a endeavor called a project.  This endeavor project can be something paid for or not paid for and can range from small to large. For example organizing, overseeing and being responsible for setting up a successful Fund Raiser for the local Boy Scouts to organizing, overseeing and being responsible for a 10 million dollar project that involves 200 employees from all over the world.  The official Project Manager description quote is  “the project manager will generally plan, coordinate, implement and finalize projects according to the specifications and deadlines, all while keeping the project within budget if  have a budget. Success may depend on whether the project is completed within the financial budget allocated if have a budget or project completed within the established time frame – or whether the project is completed at all (some projects are closed or given up if costing losing too much money or costing too much time).


PERSONAL CONSULTANT …….. Ok, so as stated above I attended EGBI on how to have a business and run a business. My first inclination was to open up a cupcake business however after practicing making cupcakes for family and friends consecutively for days I realized that my lower back injury that left me a scar on my lower back acquired at age 18 was not going to allow me to make cupcakes one day after the next day.  My back starts to hurt after cooking/backing for several days in a row, hiring someone is not within budget therefore I had to abandon the idea of a cupcake business.  Life went on until I met some awesome people (not perfect because few humans if any are perfect but they were awesome and encouraged me).   The encouragement to use my EGBI schooling to have my own business brought about the idea of a Personal Consultant where I could use all my past skills of doing research, writing, presenting reports etc etc.  With the help of friends we came up with a great name of Mecca Consultancy for my Middle East Customers (Moslem) and BNM Consultancy for the general public.   The letters BNM in BNM Consultancy stand for Blog Nancy Morales.  This Personal Consultancy endeavor is still a work in progress that will eventually be done part-time in my spare time.  A personal consultant is someone who does all the  research and gathering of data to be the personal consult for an individual for one person looking out for the best interest of that individual, that one person!  Do you need a personal consultant  and if you do then I encourage you to visit my personal consultant websites that I made for myself  and


A personal consultant

is someone who does all the research and gathering of data

to be the personal consult for an individual, for one person

looking out for the best interest

of that individual, that one person


 Nancy Morales     BNM CONSULTANCY