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hello name is Nancy Morales.  I write a monthly current events blog post on my website Blog Nancy.  My bio is written below just scroll the page down and then move page down again.  Don’t forget to check out my social media sites maybe follow me on Instagram etc. Briefly my life is simple

  Hobby of  Photography
  Write once a month
  Personal Consultant part-time

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ABOUT   ME  …….. Writing a monthly current events blog post is my way of giving back to the community.  The goal of my monthly current events blogs post is to enlighten the reader and perhaps bring fresh ideas or a different point of view or just a different way of saying something on a topic.  I do all the research, analyze and writing for the blog post myself.  I was born in San Antonio, Texas U.S.A. or so I have been told and instilled into my head since a child.  I don’t know where I was born I have to go on what other people tell me and what I read on the pieces of paper they show me.   I have lots of brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.    I am presently single with no boyfriend in my life.  I have been married two times and believe it or not both times the man had the same first name Sayed, Said just spelled differently and from  different countries.  My first marriage was when I got married to an Iranian from Iran and that marriage ended in an annulment with the help of my attorney, Marynelle Maloney.  My second marriage was when I got married to a guy from Morocco, we were both young and on the rebound (me because I loved his friend Jamal).  That marriage ended up in a divorce with the help of my attorney Sean O’Neal.  I do want to get married  again  someday but until then, until that day it’s fun to stay at the YMCA, click on link


LANGUAGES  …….. I speak English, Spanish and French.  I first learned Spanish from my grandmother then took it in school and college.  I took French in school and college yet don’t practice much.  Once in a while I will turn on the internet radio and put it on a French music station.


SCHOOL ……..  My schooling and learnings are in

  • Psychology   this type of work is exhausting drains you mentally physically but learnings can be used anywhere
  • Communications   communicating is always good
  • Journalism  got this for when I moved to Austin, Texas and was at Austin Newz the learnings come in handy for writing
  • Economic Growth Business Incubator  EGBI, how to have a business how to run a  business
  • IT  Service Management  higher level of customer service people skills, know how much to say when to stop
  • Project Management  enhancing leadership skills 
  • Research, Analyze, Write  been doing that over 20 years having learned from some of the best


PERSONAL CONSULTANT …….. I have been fortunate to get some good schooling and learnings therefore decided to put that to use as a Personal Consultant. I have been doing research, analyze and write for over 20 years. This thing of Personal Consultant is still in the works and will be something I do part-time. I am not interested in having a business or having a business with employees. This Personal Consultant thing is something simple that I can do alone. I designed the website and made the website myself to keep it simple and strong. I have come up with the name of BNM Consultancy  Most consultants charge by the hour keeping track of hours work these are called “chargeable rates, chargeable fees”. I am against chargeable rates chargeable fees because charging by the hour MIGHT delay in getting the answer to the situation. At BNM Consultancy the fees are a flat rate of $ 1800 for one occasion, $ 8000 monthly retainer fee. The fees are fair keep in mind this is not where I do volunteer work or make charitable contributions this is for a part-time job a living to put food on the table etc.


HOBBY …….. My hobby is photography.  The magic of photography never ceases to amaze me


WHAT  I  LIKE  TO  DO …….. I like to go grocery shopping it’s an awesome thing to do.  If I could I would buy tons of groceries and cook, bake for lots of people at least once a month. I enjoy a walk on the beach or in the neighborhood. I enjoy quite evenings at home.  I enjoy going out to different places however going out is not as important to me as it might be to someone elseI enjoy listening to internet music radio from different countries.  It’s great to be able to hear different music radio stations from just about any country. Just search at key in __ country France, Russia, etc internet radio


MY FAVORITE  QUOTE …….. My favorite quote is only one word from musician Louis Armstrong quote “LOVE”   Here is the Louis Armstrong song titled What A Wonderful World  this song link has words before the song Where Louis Armstrong talks about LOVE


RELIGION …….. My first 3 years were in Catholic school then my parents divorced and the tuition unaffordable for my single parent mom.  I grew up Catholic being told to “hurry up and get ready for church” learning that we do not judge people and get along with everyone.  I made my First Holy Communion.  As an adult I changed from Catholic to Christian religion.  Catholic and Christian religions are both Jesus Christ religions the difference is that Catholic religion has saints and Christian religion does not have saints.