Nancy Bio


Name … Nancy Morales
Languages … English, Spanish, French
Tattoos … None
Drug History … None
Mental History … None
Sexual Preference … Heterosexual, men
Marital Status … Divorced
Nationality … Apache American Indian in tribe
Religion … Catholic / Christian
Born … San Antonio, Texas
Live … Austin, Texas
Email …
Mailing Address … P.O. Box 4636 Austin, Texas 78765



ABOUT ME  ……..   Hi my name is Nancy.  Writing a monthly blog post is my way of giving back to the community. The goal of my monthly blog post is to enlighten the reader or just a different way of saying something on a topic. I do all the research, analyze and writing for the blog post myself. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas  Let’s see what else about,  I do cook sometimes and some pictures of food I make I post on Instagram. ❤️  I presently have no boyfriend in my life.  I am divorced.  We were young, thought in love then oops it really was no one’s fault. Like every marriage good days and bad days. What we had in common was our appreciation for such a beautiful country.  I enjoy photography because the magic of photography is so amazing.  I have posted in the widgets section of my blog website some funny videos that I thought were awesome.  Hope you decide to look at the funny videos and enjoy them as much as I did.  ❤️ I think that a sense of humor is definitely important because LIFE is not always cheeseburgers and french fries.  Social media links are posted on top of the page and bottom of the page, come follow Blog Nancy on social media.  All facebook friend request are accepted therefore submit your facebook request and let’s be facebook friends.


SCHOOL ……..  My schooling and learnings are in
◾️ Research, Analyze, Write
◾️ Psychology
◾️ Communications
◾️ Journalism
◾️ Economic Growth Business Incubator EGBI … how to have a business how to run a business
◾️ IT Service Management … higher level of customer service
◾️ Project Management … enhances leadership skills


PERSONAL CONSULTANT …….. You are busy, life is hectic do you need the research, analyze and writing done to help you form and make a decision?  In your busy life do you need someone to consult with on a situation?  Do you have a question you want help find the answer to?  Let BNM Consultancy help you.  I have been doing research, analyze and write for over 20 years.   I came up with an idea of something for me to do with my experience, learnings and schooling.  I decided to be a Personal Consultant part-time.  YOUR Personal Consultant looking out for the best interest of you and looking out for you.  BNM  Consultancy