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Thank You for visiting my website Blog Nancy.  Today seems that most people are busy therefore a much appreciated is due to you for taking the time to check out my website and read my blog post.  My picture before I cut my hair. I have had my hair blonde and brown.  My bio is written below.

Nancy Morales

Burnet Flats 5453 Burnet Road unit 214

Austin, Texas 78756 U.S.A.

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♥️  INTRODUCTION …….. Hello, my name is Nancy Morales.   I enjoy writing and in my spare time write on current events for my website Blog Nancy.

  • I am playful
  • I have a good sense of humor
  • I am not a toy
  • I am not shy or bashful
  • I have no tattoos
  • I do not do drugs
  • I am not gay
  • I do drink alcohol
  • I have the attitude of Live and Let Live
  • I do not talk politics because I am not in the Political job field or an activist

Recently I have made some major changes in my life.  I am no longer the hero that comes to the rescue of people or the world BECAUSE I have found the root cause for my continual ‘Save the World, Be The Helper”.  When I was in Elementary School I went to knock on the door of the nuns convent and saw my classmate in the background when the door was opened.  To my unknown kid knowledge it did not occur to me to ask if she was ok, or needed help therefore she was sexually abused.  I felt so guilty that from that day on I was the hero for every person and every cause.  I have been called one of the best activist by some of the most Respectable Senators etc.  I found the root cause for my behavior of  “Save the World, Be The Helper” and I apologize to you female wherever you are but I was a kid in Elementary school and did not know what to do.  Therefore since that was the root of my behavior attitude of “Save The World, Be The Helper” AND that issue has been addressed of always coming to the rescue of someone or a cause that behavior is no longer existent of me.  The most important thing to learn from this is that SOMETIMES people will not want you to get to the bottom of a reason for doing something, because you are a good FREE source of valuable help.  However, do what is best for you is my advise. If it’s counseling then get counseling, if it’s getting on medicine get on medicine, if it’s exercising then exercise ……… do YOU get the focus here of do what is best for you ……… 

  • do what is best for you to pay YOUR bills not pay someone else bills
  • do what is best for you to get a good husband for YOU not for someone else
  • do what is best for you to get a better living place (home, condo, duplex, apartment)  for you
  • do what is best for you to get a better job for you
  • do what is best for you to get a better car for you not for someone else
  • and so on

I write and I will continue to write occasionally because I enjoy writing.  Writing on Current Events for my website Blog Nancy is something that I do in my spare time and not my job.  When I am asked, “Nancy why do you write?”    My answer is writing  on current events is my way of giving back to the community world wide because the internet can be accessed from anywhere.  Sometimes people say  “Nancy you put too much on the internet or you put it all on the internet”  well I am IT Service Management trained which is knowing how much to say and when to stop, therefore, no need to worry.



♥️  WHAT  I  LIKE  TO  DO …….. I enjoy a walk on the beach or in the neighborhood.  I enjoy quite evenings at home.  I enjoy going out to different places however going out is not as important to me as it might be to someone else.


♥️  HOBBY  ……..  My hobby is Research, Analyze Write which I have been doing for many years.


♥️  MY  TEENAGE  FOOLISH  THING  DID  ……..  My answer is running away not because of abuse or mistreatment but running away as a teenager because I was head strong ad thought I  used improper English but lots of drama when knocked on neighbors door and told her to tell my mom “we were leaving.”  Then got to the freeway and I was so fortunate that a big haul truck driver was stopped so I put my thumb out slightly and got picked up hitchhiking.  LUCKY FOR ME … I was not turned into a prostitute or molested and was picked up by Russians (communist) who have been a part of my life ever since …. AND that is where my life of research, analyze write started having learned from the best.  After my brief see the world tour I returned home and started working with S.A.N.Y.O. the summer youth program that gets teenagers a job during the summer.   I could have easily left this out but couple of things I am not perfect and two never ignore people or sweep under the rung anyone that has helped you is MY belief and ways.


♥️  IF  I  COULD  LIVE  IN  ANY  COUNTRY  …….. Hum well let me think IF I could live in ANY country where would I live”  Flashes of the magnificent Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background zoom into my head.  Monaco would be awesome and then their is Dubai where the future is now would be fantastic. Lots of beautiful places, however my answer is the United States of America is where I would live IF I could live in any country.   Therefore, since I live in the U.S.A. looks like I am already living in any country where I could live.


♥️  MY  CURRENT  LOVE  LIFE …….. I am heterosexual which means that I like men.  Presently I do not have a man in my life. 


♥️  MY FAVORITE  QUOTE …….. My favorite quote is only one word from musician Louis Armstrong quote “LOVE”   Here is the Louis Armstrong song titled What A Wonderful World  this song link has words before song Where Louis Armstrong talks about LOVE


♥️  TWO  MARRIAGES …….. I have been married two times and believe it or not both times the guy had the same first name Sayed, Said just spelled differently and from  different countries.  MY  FIRST  MARRIAGE was when I got married to an Iranian from Iran and that marriage ended in an annulment with the help of my attorney, Marynelle Maloney.  MY  SECOND  MARRIAGE  was when I got married to a guy from Morocco, we were both young and on the rebound (me because I loved his friend Jamal we were seasonal temporary boyfriend girlfriend for a couple of nights).  That marriage ended up in a divorce with the help of my attorney Sean O’Neal.  I do want to get married for real  someday and have matching recliners. 


♥️  RELIGION …….. I grew up Catholic made my First Holy Communion.  As an adult I changed from Catholic to Christian religion. Both Jesus Christ religions the difference is that Catholic religion has saints and Christian religion does not.  I am a participant in the Christian religion.  I believe that  EVERYONE  needs a religious higher power to be accountable to  despite knowing that it is all about science.


♥️  SCHOOL ……..  My (local and distant learning Russia) schooling and learnings are in

  • Psychology
  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • EGBI Economic Growth Business Incubator which teaches how to have a business and how to run a  business.
  • IT  Service Management which is people skills and knowing how much to say when to stop.
  • PMP Project Management presently pursuing which is enhancing the leadership skills of person.  


♥️  WORK  …….. Like most people I work.