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INTRODUCTION …….. 🦄  The unicorn is so unique so magical.  Nice to meet you my name is Nancy Morales.  I am a Mexican born in the USA 🇺🇸 and live in the USA.  My grandmother on the side of my mom well my grandmother was from Mexico and an awesome person.  With the recent politics about people from Mexico I do not get involved just remember that times were different 150  years ago.  For example 150 years ago horses and buggys were used as transportation and today.  Adaptability is the key to survival as a nation, a population and a person. ALSO another reason despite my grandmother being from Mexico that I do not get involved in the Mexico crisis issue is because the President has his job to do and I have my job to do.  You ever have someone in the kitchen with you and you are cooking THEN they start “oh no don’t put that on the fajitas” or as person looks thru your food cabinets they say “here put this on the fajitas”.  ALL ALONG you are thinking this is MY home, this is the only set of fajitas that I have and I am cooking.  The above is my picture taken May 2016.  I have had my hair short before.  I’m going to let my hair grow out again.  I enjoy photography 📷 📸 a Photographer Enthusiast.  I also enjoy  ♥️ writing and in my spare time 💥 👩🏻‍💻 ✍🏻 write, blog on current events. 


ABOUT ME …….. My dad was a good man who was an auto-mechanic always fixing a car or putting a car together with junk yard parts or new parts. My mom is a good woman she worked in a cafeteria along with taking care of us 7 kids and she did an awesome job. I come from a large family of 7 of us kids. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. We have a 10 year gap between the youngest in that first group and the oldest in our group. In the first set of 4 kids I have 3 sisters and 1 brother that includes one step-sister (the oldest). In the second set of us 3 kids I have 2 brothers and me.  No family is perfect and mine is no exception. My life is not perfect, My family is not perfect but that is the life of a human being … not perfect but family still enjoy the holidays together, still professionally communicate with people (family included) and get on with MY own life. Back in the day when hitch hiking was SAFE  I ran away and hitchhiked at age 15 not because of abuse or anything bad just because I thought I knew it all. I was head strong and stubborn. I was fortunate to not have anything happen to me or touch my vagina or force me to have oral sex!  I met some awesome Russians that have been a part of my life ever seen and at age 15 is when my life of Research, Analyze and Write started.  I met Russians when Russia was a communist country and regardless they have always ensured that I got an education through Distant Learning. I returned home after my BRIEF hitch hiking see the world escapade after having learned much including that we have an awesome country.  I started working for S.A.N.Y.O  which is the San Antonio Neighborhood Youth Association which puts teenagers to work during the summer. I first worked at the National Conference of Christian and Jews then next summer worked at a Recreation Center. Later I was a Security Guard at Playland Park. Then worked for the City of San Antonio Texas at the Police Department. I have been working since I was 15 years.  I have never been on drugs and I don’t have any tattoos however I have all types of friends and I do not judge.  You see IF someone is going to like you, they are going to like you regardless if  ever been on drugs, have tattoos etc …… well at least that is the way I am and my attitude.


RELIGION …….. My religion, well yes I am a participant in a religion because I believe that EVERYONE needs a religious higher power to be accountable to DESPITE knowing that it’s all about science.  We as a society can never be too smart to forget that we need a God, a Buddha, a Jehovah, an Allah, a Jesus.  Religion is needed in every society because Religion brings about that invisible boss of a higher power that is watching over us and establishes good and evil.  To be a participant in a religion does not require an individual to be PERFECT … PRAY being perfect not required   It’s ok to say, “I am a human being, not perfect and yes I sometimes go to church”.


TWO MARRIAGES …….. I have been married two times and believe it or not both times the guy had the same first name just spelled differently. The first time I was married was when I worked for the City of San Antonio Texas at the Police Department. I came to Austin, Texas got married and that marriage ended in an annulment with the help of my attorney, Marylou Maloney. My second marriage we got married in Las Vegas Nevada and divorced in San Antonio Texas with the help of my attorney Sean O’Neal.


MY CURRENT LOVE LIFE …….. I am single and not romantically involved with anyone.  I am Heterosexual (attracted to opposite sex, so I like men).  In case you are thinking  “hum what type of men does Nancy like?” … I like tall white men because they can be sooo  generous  with love a man that is blonde hair or salt and pepper,  I like British men their voice is sexy,  and I like rich arabs (I’m a blogger starving artist).  We live in a country where EACH person gets to choose their romantic like and my romantic like is men.  I do not judge because EACH person has their own choice.


SCHOOL ……..  I have attended some good schools here in Austin, Texas and San Antonio, Texas. My schooling is in Psychology and Speech Communications.  Journalism that I got before moving to Austin, Texas.  I also have schooling in IT Service Management from St. Edward’s University Professional Education Center in Austin, Texas. IT Service Management is a strategic approach to teaching an individual how to disperse or sometimes keep from dispersing information to a company, group etc. I attended EGBI, Economic Growth Business Incubator how to have a business and how to run a business.  So, you are probably thinking, “hum after attending EGBI  what business did you decide on doing Nancy ?”  The answer is that after much thinking I decided on part-time Personal Consultant (described in the next paragraph).   I also have schooling in Project Manager, PMP  which I am presently pursuing at Consulting Solutions in Austin, Texas.


PERSONAL  CONSULTANT  part-time WORK IN PROGRESS  ……..  This is where I can use ALL my skills and schooling. Research, Analyze, Write skills. Schooling in psychology, speech communications, EGBI Economic Growth Business Incubator, IT Service Management, Project Management.  A Personal Consultant is someone who looks out for the best interest of YOU.  Looking Out for the best interest of that one individual.  Think it’s easy and an easy job ?  Well, think again because being a Personal Consultant is not as easy as it seems because what IF someone is being kept in the dark unaware of something, what IF someone is being used by their ex-wife and using the kids as hostage, what IF someone is kept in a state of stupid  AND here comes the Personal Consultant to look out for the best interest of that one individual …. eeks  angry control manipulators, angry ex-wife, upset maybe dangerous people to deal with.


DAY  JOB  …….. Like most people I work a day job.