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INTRODUCTION ……..  Hello, my name is Nancy Morales. In my spare time I write, blog on current events.  When I am asked, “Nancy why do you write” ?  My answer is blogging on current events is my way of giving back contributing to society.  Sometimes people say “Nancy you put too much on the internet or you put it all on the internet”  well I am IT Service Management trained which is knowing how much to say and when to stop, therefore, no need to worry.  Let’s move on.  I moved to Austin, Texas from San Antonio, Texas.  My grandmother on the side of my mom was from Mexico.  Later in life after her two husbands from Mexico died my grandmother lived with us some of the time.  My grandmother never spoke English and my learning Spanish started with my grandmother.  I have some awesome memories of my grandmother who was a good person.   My grandmother and grandfather on the side of my dad were from Texas.  My dad Albert Morales was born in Texas and was a good man who was an auto-mechanic always fixing a car or putting a car together with junk yard parts or new parts.  My mom Carmen Morales was born in Oklahoma and is a good woman she worked in a cafeteria along with taking care of us 7 kids and she did an awesome job.  My mom taught me to RESPECT and APPRECIATE the U.S.A.   I absolutely LOVE doing Research, Analyze and Write that I started at a young age.  BACK IN THE DAY when hitchhiking was safe and I was a teenager I ran away. I did not run away because of abuse or mistreatment, I ran away because I was headstrong and thought I knew it all. I was picked up by Russians (communist) and I am fortunate that I was not turned into a prostitute by someone, or that I was sexually molested or etc I was picked up by Russians (communist) who have been a part of my life since and that is when my life of Research, Analyze and Write started having learned from the best. Balance is very important in my life because I have to make sure that I balance who I help with what schooling and learnings from to avoid having an idiot call the Russian Embassy, Russian Consulate saying that I am helping the U.S.A. with the schoolings (distant education is a good benefit) or learnings from Russia. Therefore, I always stay as transparent as possible and CLARIFY when needed. I absolutely LOVE these people that have been a part of my life since I was a kid, who have always had my back when I am just living the life of being FREE in an awesome country, to be able to just do whatever you want is a total wow that I wish more people would appreciate in the U.S.A.  I have to say something to you reader and that is that the U.S.A. is not a perfect country but it is a good country.  You may feel that “IF only I knew what you know then I would feel the same way that you do”.   However, SOMETIMES not everything can be told to you as WHY their really is a reason for everything.  I am IT Service Management trained which teaches a person what to say and what not to say and I can honestly tell you that sometimes only a fraction is told to my readers to avoid riots, anger, being hurt, frustration or worse.  I absolutely LOVE doing my Research, Analyze and Write that I started since a teenager and since day one to this day will do ANYTHING to get my data. After my brief Home Away From Home, I returned home having learned much including that we have an AWESOME country. I started working with the S.A.N.Y.O. San Antonio Neighborhood Youth Organization as a teenager.   Then worked for Playland Park as a Security Guard. Then worked for the City of San Antonio Texas at the Police Department under the direction of the best boss Captain Casias.


WHAT  I  LIKE  TO  DO …….. Well, I do not do drugs and never have because as a kid attending Fleming Elementary my classmate Mario jumped from the school building while on drugs.  My classmates David, Gus and I were upset and for me that was the end of any drug desire.  I don’t have any tattoos because I am scared of needles. Once in a while a will put on one of the self adhesive tattoos. However, I have friends and acquaintances of ALL types and from ALL backgrounds.  Because to me and for me IF someone is going to like you they are going to like you REGARDLESS, regardless if you have tattoos, no tattoos, a virgin, a puta, a nerd, a neat person, whatever.  Ok, so back to what I like doing. Being a person who enjoys writing and a blogger puts me in the artistic field.  An artistically inclined person is quite, likes spending time at home, enjoys cooking a meal at home once in a while.  I enjoy going out to different places HOWEVER going out is not as important to ME as it might be to someone else.   I like to go to the movies. I like cooking at home but do enjoy a good meal out.  I like watching redbox movies at home.  I like entertaining at home, sharing a meal with people care about.  I like to have people over and visit, watch something on tv whatever.  The phrase HOME SWEET HOME is suppose to be exactly that.  I keep crystals etc for protection for myself and I recommend EVERYONE does in their own home, apartment, condo.  I believe it is very important to protect yourself and your life because you just never know WHO comes in your home when you are not their, WHO comes in your home when you are their.  Home is important for EACH person and my best thing to do is drink a fresh cup of coffee and relax at home.  IF YOU CANNOT be at peace with yourself in the quietness of your home THEN HOW can you be at peace with anyone out in public where you rush out to so hide from facing self.


MY CURRENT LOVE LIFE …….. I do not have a man in my life.  Presently I am single and not romantically involved with any man.


TWO MARRIAGES …….. I have been married two times and believe it or not both times the guy had the same first name Sayed, Said just spelled differently and from  different countries.  MY FIRST MARRIAGE was when I worked for the City of San Antonio Texas at the Police Department. I came to Austin, Texas got married to an Iranian from Iran and that marriage ended in an annulment with the help of my attorney, Marylou Maloney.  MY SECOND MARRIAGE I got married to a guy from Morocco, we were both young and on the rebound (me because I loved his friend Jamal we were seasonal temporary boyfriend girlfriend for a couple of nights).  Well second husband and I got married in Las Vegas Nevada and divorced in San Antonio Texas with the help of my attorney Sean O’Neal.


RELIGION …….. I grew up Catholic made my First Holy Communion.  As an adult I changed from Catholic to Christian religion. Both Jesus Christ religions the difference is that Catholic religion has saints and Christian religion does not.  I am a participant in a religion because I believe that EVERYONE needs a religious higher power to be accountable to DESPITE knowing that it’s all about science.  We as a society can never be too smart to forget that we need a God, a Buddha, a Jehovah, an Allah, a Jesus.  Religion is needed in every society because Religion brings about that invisible boss of a higher power that is watching over us and establishes good and evil.  To be a participant in a religion does not require an individual to be PERFECT … PRAY being perfect not required.  It’s ok to say, “I am a human being, not perfect and yes I sometimes go to church”.


SCHOOL ……..  I have attended some good schools here in Austin, Texas and San Antonio, Texas. My schooling is in PSYCHOLOGY and SPEECH  COMMUNICATIONS  and JOURNALISM that I got before moving to Austin, Texas.  I also have schooling in IT  SERVICE  MANAGEMENT  from St. Edward’s University Professional Education Center in Austin, Texas. IT Service Management is a strategic approach to teaching an individual how to disperse or sometimes keep from dispersing information to a company, group etc.  I have schooling in PROJECT  MANAGEMENT,  PMP  which I am presently pursuing at Consulting Solutions in Austin, Texas.  I went to EGBI Economic Growth Business Incubator several years ago. EGBI teaches how to have a business and how to own a business. After attending thought at first would have a Cupcake business but my back hurts with baking everyday. Then years later with help of friends decided on Personal Consultant because I could use ALL school and skills here of Research, Analyze, Write .. Psychology .. Speech Communications .. IT Service Management .. Project Management .. This idea has been in the works for several years and will be a part time job.  A Personal Consultant looks out for the BEST INTEREST of that one individual that hired the Personal Consultant. Personal Consultant does not look out for the interest of the wife, lover, kids, friends, etc ONLY looking out for the best interest of that one person.


DAY  JOB  …….. Like most people I work a day job.