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Name   Nancy Morales
Presently Live In   Austin, Texas USA
Marital Status   Divorced
Sexual Preference   Men
Religion   Christian religion
Born   San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.
Height   5 feet 3 inches
Shoe Size   10
Mailing Address   P.O. Box 4636 Austin, Texas 78765



ABOUT    ME ……..   I started writing when I moved from San Antonio, Texas to Austin, Texas in 2010. I was new in a city that honestly I really did not want to be in however here I was so I started writing. I would frequent the places that had internet Wi-Fi .  One of my favorite places was Katz deli on 6th street which is now closed. I’d also go to Dairy Queen over on Burnet road in Austin Texas and to Denny’s off of IH 35 and MLK street to write. I have been doing Research, Analyze, Write for 20 years plus having started learning since a kid. My hobby my passion was always Research, Analyze, Write.  With those learnings and experience I have recently decided to put that to be a Personal Consultant who does Research, Analyze, Write for a client.  It’s all in the last paragraph of my bio.  As, I was saying it was on a rainy Sunday May 20, 2018 when I decided to remodel Blog Nancy from Current Events blog website to a Lifestyle Blog website.  I was standing outside of my apartment balcony in Austin, Texas sipping my cup of coffee  looking at the rain fall down. I have enjoyed writing on current events for many years.  However, as I looked at the rain and extended my coffee cup to catch some of that rain water, I looked at the soaking wet ground.  I thought rain helps things stay hydrated so that they can grow, I thought why not let myself grow.  I saw the rain as the drops poured into the coffee cup and coffee spashes jumped out.  I thought hum I think I will get off the Train Tracks of current event blogging.  I will allow to come into my cup, into my life the new raindrops of Life Style blog and Travel blog.  You might be thinking hum, Nancy why not a food blog or an entertainment blog? Why a travel blog Nancy?  The answer is that having a second blog website on Travel will be a good incentive for me to travel more. I enjoy traveling seeing the new places or familiar places.  I do need to get out more and this is a good incentive to go to at least one place a month then write about. I am on a tight budget however it can be a small day trip to a nearby town or hopefully it just might be a larger travel visit.  On Sunday May 20, 2018, immediately I set out to REMODEL my Blog Nancy website.  I revamped the slide show pictures, I looked at all the blog post and titles.  I deleted some of the current events blog post. I changed the name of some of the categories.  In my remodeling of Blog Nancy the Archives section has been replaced by the Categories section.  Blog Nancy is now a 📝 Lifestyle blog, blending various topics for you to read on.  My second blog website that is in the works will be a  ♥️  Travel blog website.  I will write a monthly blog post on each website. Writing a monthly current events blog post is my way of giving back to the community.  The goal of my monthly current events blog post is to enlighten the reader or just a different way of saying something on a topic. I do all the research, analyze and writing for the blog post myself.  All of my blog post are content copyright.  Hum, what else?  I grew up in San Antonio, Texas.  I do cook sometimes and like to experiment with foods and recipes.  Some pictures of food I make I post on Instagram but not all because my private life is my private life. Hum, what else, oh yes  I presently have no boyfriend in my life.  Let’s see what else about me, oh yes I started working at a young age.  One of my first jobs was Security Guard at Playland Park.  Once upon a time I worked at the San Antonio Texas Police Department. It is listed under my employers then City of San Antonio, Texas.  I enjoy a walk on the beach or in the neighborhood. I enjoy quite evenings at home. I enjoy going out to different places however going out is not as important to me as it might be to someone else. 


TRAVEL   BLOG …….. Voyages Amusants!
Well, my Travel blog website is up! Hope you visit  Voyages Amusants translates from French to English Fun Travels!  I love to travel and since French is the language of love,  I thought why not the website name in French. Voyages Amusants blog where every month will feature a new fun travel blog post. It may be a small fun travel or a large one (I hope).  However, regardless you will get an earful with plenty of pictures.  My first Fun Travel to someplace exciting and my first travel blog post will be June 2018.  Stay Tuned.  Definitely looking forward to my first of many Voyages Amusants, Fun Travels!.


FAVORITE   QUOTE  ……..   Know your value!
There  will always be someone that wants to bring out your flaws,  wants to have you feel miserable, get you upset or angry.  That is because person thinks their behavior normal so IGNORE and get on with own life.  BE HAPPY you not that person! just think wow 🙂 happy to be me


SCHOOL …….. My schooling and learnings are in
Economic Growth Business Incubator EGBI
IT Service Management
Project Management
Research, Analyze, Write


PERSONAL   CONSULTANT …….. Let me just say that BNM Consultancy is something that is still in the works and definitely one way to keep my mouth shut with no opinion or comment or help! Geez put food on the table and roof over head the things grown-ups have to do. I have the majority of my life worked one full time job and one part-time job. I came up with an idea of something for me to do alone part-time with my experience, learnings and schooling. I have been doing research, analyze and write for over 20 years. I decided to put my schooling and learnings to be a Personal Consultant part time. Personal Consultant looking out for the best interest of that ONE INDIVIDUAL geez sounds easy but actually just a bit more. Let me be honest with you and share that being a personal consultant is not as easy as you may think. When I did my voluntary internships despite just being internships I got to experience some of the backlash. One internship a female was trying to blame her brother for bringing change to a country. I quickly used social media to communicate with infinity and beyond providing facts documentation that she was in the USA complaining in public at the 2015 SXSW event in Austin, Texas. When my voluntary internship was accused of taking the side of Israel I quickly had to communicate out that he actually said something different and provided documentation. A man in a romantic relationship with a woman had the facts about his girlfriend GENETIC inheritance features. REMEMBER, if a Personal Consultant is looking out for the best interest of client then lots of possible upset people. I designed and made the website myself. I decided on the name of BNM Consultancy  Why the name BNM Consultancy?  The initials BNM stand for Blog Nancy Morales. I write a monthly current events blog post on my website Blog Nancy. Writing a monthly current events blog post is my way of giving back to the community. Most consultants charge by the hour keeping track of hours work, these are called “chargeable hours, chargeable fees”. I am against chargeable hours because charging by the hour MIGHT delay in getting the client the answer to the situation. With all respect I say that at BNM Consultancy it is standard procedure that fees are paid and cleared prior to services rendered. This are not prices for the average person. The fees are fair. I am good at what I do.  BNM Consultancy flat rates
$ 7,000 for one occasion
$ 63,000 monthly retainer fee.