Staying On The Road

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The consequences are the same and what you endure, see and deal with is the same regardless if you are a big media reporter/journalist  for CNN, BBC etc or a small reporter/journalist for a small paper or online media outlet.   Their was a time when only reporters/journalist that covered Mexico or other South of the Border stories had to worry about their safety.  However, now reporters/journalist all over the world are being killed or put in jail.  There is always going to be someone that says “if you do not help us then no one will”.  That are tough words to hear when you are in an area where lots of hurt is going on and IF you just take a moment to help. However if you are dead, in jail, in a mental hospital, a hostage or unemployed then who can you help ? The people that have put their trust in you to cover a story, to do a job have just lost a valuable asset and that is YOU.

Being a journalist, regardless if a large television station, newspaper, online or independent all require the same thing and that is stay on course and do not get side tracked. I cannot express enough or tell you that times have changed. In the past journalist, reporters were not heard of being killed or kidnapped except in the Country of Mexico. Today regardless of what country a journalist, reporter is in it’s just not considered “safe or protected”. When a journalist, reporter, news anchor person decide to do a story on their own AND get off the path because they are going to help someone that IF they don’t help then no one will. When person or persons decide to do this then they jeopardize their job, their life and the lives of anyone that might try to help them. All countries have secrets, all countries have something they do not want told.

When I was a youngster my mother told me “Nancy you are being silly because corruption exist in every city.” Those are words that I listened to and respected because it was true back then and it is true today. How we choose to reveal a story can either get us killed, in jail, people scared to talk to us or it can help the situation. There are times when more good is actually brought about without the story published. It’s not blackmail it’s people working together for the benefit of all. Few people can actually do this of negotiate for a win win solution by not publishing a story. I think that is why I listened and never forgot when my mother told me “Nancy you have to stop trying to be like someone else”. I made sure those words never left my memory. I may think I can fly like an eagle but I am a Human Being and only an eagle can fly.  “Respect” my mother always said will get you a long way Nancy. Being a journalist, reporter, photographer, camera person, editor, publisher regardless if it’s a job or just a hobby, we have got to have respect.

  • When someone says, “I do not want my picture taken” then respect that.
  • When you are in a public place is it difficult to ask “may I take the picture of you, of your child”.
  • When covering a story to get information is it too much to let people know they are speaking with media that can write anything they say.
  • When in a foreign city, state or country is it too much to respect the local authorities ?

In conclusion, respect is a seven letter word that can save and stop many situations from occurring. Therefore despite wanting to be funny, I think it is important not to make fun of or lash out at the religion of someone. I grew up in the Catholic religion and I would be offended if someone made fun of Jesus Christ on the cross. Remember that while we respect and appreciate Freedom of Speech it is necessary to acknowledge that Freedom of Speech is not practiced in all parts of the world. In order to help people the most, it is important to stay on course, stay on the highway and get the current story working on published.

My Uncle John

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When someone dies it prompts us to ask ourselves, “am I doing what I want to do in MY life?”   We tend to take every day for granted. Many people think that there is a later, a tomorrow or it’s in the plan for next year. We have only one life and statistics show that 50% of the people hate their job and not happy with their current spouse. In  EVERY  LIFE  CYCLE  regardless if it’s plants, animals or humans there is a start date and there is an end date. One life then die.

Recently well actually yesterday my Uncle Dr. John Rameriz died after a long battle with cancer. My uncle had been battling cancer for four years!  My Uncle was an awesome person, he would say “I don’t want it on social media” he was silly.  My uncle Dr. John Ramirez (psychiatrist, psychologist) died Friday October 27, 2017 from Cancer.  Four years he battled the battle and I only found out a month ago.  My uncle and his wife (both have their Ph.D’s)  every year would go on a vacation to some fantastic place.  It was definite that my Uncle John lived the life he wanted to live, he was doing what he wanted to do.  Always no matter what helping make the world, our world be a better place by guiding, encouraging people to do better and be good people.

I have spoken about this in previous blog post. In Judaism and also in DSM 5 which is the Psychology Bible it is only acceptable to grieve for 3 days when someone dies.  As previously stated in previous blog post at first I thought 3 days oh my gosh.  Then I took a step back and was thinking and thought  “yes that sounds about right that is the appropriate number of days to grieve before person goes into a temporary or permanent state of Depression.”   The reason only 3 days for grieving is acceptable is because  ALL  ALONG  we are suppose to be appreciating the person alive.  We say “I love you”  or  “I will miss you”  or  “thank you”  while the person is alive.  We do not wait for the person to die because who can hear us ?

In Conclusion, I wish that EVERY life cycle plants, animals and humans SOMETIMES only had a beginning with no end.  We CELEBRATE life and those who touched us.  We say “I am a good person because of you.”  We LIVE the life WE  want to live.  We  DO  what we want to do in our one life.   I love doing Research, Analyze, Write as a hobby.  I have been doing my hobby of research, analyze, write for many years having learned as a teenager from some of the best.  Regardless if  EVERYONE  likes my hobby, regardless if some people say no blogger, research person allowed around me …. I still do my research, analyze and write.  In this one life we can hate what we do everyday, we can hate who we are with OR  we can be happy doing what we want to do and be with who we want to be with.  The decisions in life are totally up to us.  The celebration of life is because living the life wanted to live and the many people touched.  We do not take  life for granted and we make sure that at the end of the day at the end when we are tired, sometimes exhausted regardless are able to say,  “ I AM doing what I want to do in my life and with my life”.

Reward vs Truth Cost

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In Austin, Texas in 2013 I took a Social Psychology class our textbook was The Social Animal, by Aronson. I have attached the website link for a free download of the textbook  My last response paper was going to be the final paper that I would be writing for my professor Dr. Cruz. Therefore what did I want to leave this last impression with. I kept in mind that I was writing to someone who has obtained his Ph.D and very familiar with the subject of Social Psychology. I had to decide if I wanted to write about a serious topic or a topic that would leave my reader, my professor thinking. After much thought and care I decided to write about one of the topics in the book titled, “The Reward Cost Theory, The Reward Theory of Attraction”. This topic was intended to leave my reader thinking.

As you I mentioned I decided to choose my topic carefully since my reader was very familiar with the topic. Therefore, writing something to leave my reader thinking was decided on. Cautiously, I started writing. The reason that it was with care that I was writing is because it deals with what I call bubble busting. Therefore it’s understandable that no one wants to discuss the topic because no one wants their love bubble busted. No one wants to be told “LOOK” it is documented in this Psychology textbook, I have the reason you are actually attracted and think you’re in love. Not much Deep Thinking goes into the “why” do I love this person especially after “sex” starts. Yet sometimes years later in a divorce court we can find ourselves thinking, “What did I ever see in this person”. When we were kids we were taught “get along and you will go along”. Therefore, can we blame this pre-programming for our deceitful ways to say “you two look make an awesome couple”. When actually IF we let the persons speak the truth they might say “that girl is using psychology on you she does not love you”. Are you still going to keep your lunch date with someone that tells you “she saw your man flirting with the waitress”. The thing is that the moment someone says anything contrary to what we want to hear about the love relationship you will find that the dinner invitations and so on will stop.

We are rewarded with future invites for telling a lie and say you make a good couple with your loved one. We are punished for telling the truth about your loved one and say the person is using psychology on you or using you. Our need to remain accepted and be a part of the circles is what keeps us from telling our loved ones the truth. The power of our words can have a lasting effect on people. What happens when you tell someone they look absolutely stunning in red? Then two days later you see the person in the store buying 10 shades of red outfits. Hum, you did say person looks absolutely stunning in red. You see person was told looks good in red and accepted in good standing wearing red. Therefore, to continue that need to be accepted and loved it’s time to go to the store and get more red items.

In conclusion, experiments are done on human beings so that we can understand the human emotions better and understand people better. The human being is a sensitive individual that often puts a shell on the exterior. Can you imagine how tragic it could be to have someone approach you with a Social Psychology textbook saying “look here see she really does not love you”. Aronson says in the book, The Social Animal that for people the “most important concern is the way others react to them.” How can we expect someone to tell us the truth when we will react by calling them names or planning an attack. It is out of fear of being shunned and fear from hurting someone that sometimes people say “you look pretty in red” or “you make such a beautiful couple”

You Stopped The Cafeteria Line

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Life is like being in a cafeteria line. You go thru the line and do not just stay in one place because the people behind you will start yelling. Hopefully you have been in a cafeteria line, maybe in school or in a restaurant. Typically people go down the cafeteria line and decide what items they want then move down. Occasionally there will be the person in the cafeteria line who stops in front of the entrees or vegetables. Maybe you have seen that person who just stops in the cafeteria line in front of the desserts. Geez so many good desserts which one do I take?

In life we meet good days and we have oh my gosh days . The most important thing is to remember that we have to keep moving. It’s just like being in a cafeteria line you stop in front of that fried fish unsure if that’s what you want and you will hear people moaning and groaning and possibly yelling. Life is not always easy and actually some people have it easier than others. People sometimes experience a death in their life which is one of the hardest experiences to have. However, we have to remember we grieve, we cry, we hold on to the good memories And Life Goes On. In my schooling of psychology I learned that any grieving past 3 days is considered abnormal per DSM 5 the Psychology Bible. When I first read that and it was discussed in class I though “oh my gosh how can that be only 3 days of grieving”. After the 3 days if person still is depressed or grieving the0n it’s considered a case of a psychological disorder of depression.

I read and re-read the textbook. I listened attentively as my instructor discussed the topic. Eventually after much thinking and evaluating I came to the conclusion that I understood why. I realized why it is considered abnormal if person grieves after 3 days. You see when someone is alive WE APPRECIATE that person, we love and we ACKNOWLEDGE the person. When the person dies we are saddened and that sadness of losing a loved one is normal. We get comfort in knowing that we acknowledged the person when person was alive. In every life there is a birth and there is a death, there is a start date and there is an end date. As I realized this I thought ay ha that is WHY only 3 days of grieving are normal because past 3 days you start to deal with issues guilt. Issues of guild can include having mistreated the person, cheated on the person, and so on. Therefore, the issue has turned from grieving for a loved one to dealing with issues unresolved.

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that we need a tune  up that we need to see a Psychiatrist or Psychologist. There is nothing wrong with taking medications. Person and or persons are in the process of becoming a better self. We are human beings going through life just like going through the cafeteria line with so many awesome choices. And sometimes it is necessary for someone to remind us to  move, life goes on. Life is like a cafeteria line. It is important to remember as we are in the line of life that we fall, we laugh, we are happy, we are sad AND life goes on, moving on.


Learning Opportunity

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Learning opportunities come when we decide we want to get something out of the situation.  This might be a good situation or a bad experience situation.  Either way we are going to get a learning opportunity out of this.  Choosing to use a situation as a learning opportunity will benefit us.  The learning opportunity is showing that WE as a community, that we as a human race are capable of helping each other.  Let me explain how we can use a situation as a learning opportunity.  Let’s take  “politics”  which is something everyone is familiar with and usually complains  about.  The recent presidential election Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton brought about much shock. Despite the upsets and the shock it is possible to use the recent Presidential Election situation as a Learning Opportunity.  The learning opportunity in this situation can be that civilized benefit feature for the desired candidate would help.  The media outlets frown on twitter outburst can actually help the person get more publicity.  Therefore, why not argue back on public twitter to get the attention the other candidate is getting.  Those are good learning opportunities for us to take from this situation.

Turning the frown into a smile, turning this situation into a Learning Opportunity comes when people realize that they can if they want to.  Another learning opportunity is with the DACA people.  We the USA have no money to help immigrants but the community can help.  The learning opportunity here is that the community, we can help.  Groups of individuals with the same beliefs that want to help immigrants can ban together and help.  These groups of people help immigrants coming into the USA using their own money and resources designated only to help incoming immigrants.  The reason I use the key words “money and resources designated only to help incoming immigrants”  is because many people need help.  However, these monies that have been donated and fund raised are designated only to help the incoming immigrants.  The community can help with work visas, places of employment sponsoring the immigrant and so on.

In conclusion, as originally stated in the beginning of this blog post, when we use a situation as a learning opportunity we are turning a situation from bad to good.  The situation has happened it’s all up to us if we want to get a learning opportunity from the situation.  With that being said this Presidential Election result with Donald Trump President of the USA leaves us with a learning opportunity to show we can help each other.  Donald Trump has won the presidential election and in order for the immigrants  to survive we can adapt to the situation.  The learning opportunity is showing that we as a community are capable of helping each other.   People helping People.

Customer Service

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What is customer service? Well, that is the type of service that the customer receives or interprets. The reason that I say type of customer service the customer interprets is because the service might be good but the customer interprets it differently. Let me give you an example. The waitress greats her table people but when she brings the food crosses over one person to reach the person at the end of the table. Jane having the waitress arm in her face gets upset and interprets the waitress behavior as bad customer service. We don’t always get that experience of “good customer service” that leaves us wanting to come back or wanting more from this particular place. What happened ? Well simply put our expectations and our emotional needs were not met. Emotional needs being met are more important than the delicious meal at a restaurant, the delicious beverage or finding good prices at the store. We are all human beings despite if anyone says they are not emotional or care about how they are treated. What makes a person come back is that warm fuzzy feeling they get. The food may be delicious in a restaurant however if the waitress was not smiling and happy how many people do you think will go back? A lot of people will admit that customer service of a restaurant is MORE important than the actual taste of the food.

When someone walks into a public place that person is expecting good customer service. Yes, I did say the word expecting because that is expected. We have expectations of a pleasant person greeting us regardless of how their day is going or any frown that we may have on our face. Yes, the road to being nice can be a two way street however remember “we” are the customer to be serviced. Remember the words customer service, it really is all about the customer and how they are serviced. Most people are considered “constant complainers” because expect a level of customer service. When person does not get or experience good customer service are they really a constant complainer?

In conclusion working in public place requires a lot from people. My applause and cheers go to all who work and deal with the public. Customers can be rude, aloof or have 100 things on their agenda. However. it is still up to the employee to give good customer service. Working in the public required to give good customer service can be a bit much on some days. The easiest way to get through the day despite whatever going through is to remember it is Showtime. Time to put on that show and give some good customer service.