Projecting Good vs Projecting wawa

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Projecting good energy is exactly that. YOU are in your happy place projecting good.  I was reading an article that said  “change your thoughts to positive, uplifting ones”   Immediately I thought this is fantastic and goes back to what someone once told me of “find the good.”   IF we find the good in any and all situations then we will keep from being negative.   It has always been assumed that talking energy, talking good vibes, talking mood was something for hippies or people into witchcraft. It has taken several years for people to publicly talk about good energy, positive energy and the impact it has on […]

You Holding Up The Line Life Goes On

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Life is like being in a cafeteria line.  You go thru the line and do not just stay in one place because the people behind you will start yelling, “hey lady decide what veggies and move down the line.”  In life we meet good days and we meet “oh my gosh day” but the most important thing is to remember that we have to keep moving.   Life is not always easy and actually some people have it easier than others.  The same analogy of being in the cafeteria line because some people go in knowing they will get the […]

If I Change My Agenda Will You Change Yours

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“When their is a room and in that room are three men, five women and one elephant does that elephant issue have to be addressed or can things be as normal? An elephant in a room can cause much to happen such as people running out the way, someone might get scared and someone might panic then jump out the window.  So, let’s address the elephant ? in the room. The Jewish person and their agenda is the elephant in this room called planet Earth.   According to the Webster Dictionary, the definition for the word agenda is “a list […]

Life Has Some Disappointments

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On Tuesday November 8, 2016 the Presidential elections brought an end finally to the long arguing and remarks about the elections for President. The most important thing that just about everyone will remember about November 8, 2016 is that they were completely surprised by the results. According to the polls taken it was Hillary that was supposed to win the Presidential election. So, what happened ?   Well, for starters a lot of people that voiced they were going to vote for Donald Trump were subject to rude remarks, insults and threats. Therefore, a lot of people when asked who […]

The Greatest Enemy Is Usually With Us

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Female One, Her phone rang and the mobile phone light flashed as it laid on the night stand at 3:30 am. She turned to see who the phone call was from. For about 10 seconds she was unsure whether to answer or ignore the phone call. Then she picked up the phone and tried to sound as happy, cheerful and positive as she could. Just another midnight butty call during this 20 year quote “working relationship with her big boss”.  The man named J was so smooth that he had actually convinced her that she loved this life and preferred […]

Letting Go Of Hate And On With Life

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Hate is a very strong word and can actually cause much damage. We have all heard that it is best to let go of hate. We have all seen the posters that say hate only hurts us, we have all heard the motivational speeches that hate is not good so let go. Some people choose not to let go of hate and decide to keep it inside and then get back, pay back. Hate comes when people have anger that escalates and then turns to hate. Does hate really hurt us or is it ok to hang on to the hate […]

Pink Is For Girls Instilled At Childhood

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I remember growing up and being told that “pink is for girls and blue is for boys”. Geez, I thought I love the color blue. The sky is blue and blue is a relaxing color. I am sure that probably I am not the only one that has been told that as a child growing up.   We are little girls, that grow up thinking ok well being a female is being soft. Being soft is not being aggressive. When we see an aggressive female our first reaction is “oh wow, she is loud.” But is she really being loud […]

Habits .. Biosocial Development

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In 2013, I took a college class and we were assigned to write a paper on a choice of topics. I want to share with you a paper that I wrote. The “habits” section was a topic that I decided to write about because the best person to start with on a topic is “me.” Habits are difficult to break especially when having become accustomed. Not have to worry about exercising or put exercising into a daily or weekly schedule is ideal. It’s ideal not for my health but it is ideal for my lack of attention to the importance […]

The Importance Of Staying On The Road

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There is always going to be someone that says “if you do not help us then no one will”. That are tough words to hear when you are in an area where lots of hurt is going on and IF you just take a moment to help. However if you are dead, in jail, in a mental hospital, a hostage or unemployed then who can you help ? The people that have put their trust in you to cover a story, to do a job have just lost a valuable asset and that is YOU.   Being a journalist, regardless […]

Reward Cost vs Tell The Truth

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My last Response Paper was going to be the final paper that I would be writing for my professor Dr. Cruz, therefore what did I want to leave this last impression with.  I kept in mind once again that I was writing to someone who has obtained his Ph.D and familiar with the subject of Social Psychology front and back.  I was unsure if I wanted to write about a serious topic or a topic that is interesting and that might leave my reader, my professor thinking.  In 2013, I took a Social Psychology class and found many topics and theories […]