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Life Is Not Always Cheeseburgers and Fries

At some point in our life we will ALL FACE that one day when life is not cheeseburgers and fries. You may be vegan or maybe you don’t eat meat and that is ok. Hopefully you get the point of the metaphor.  A metaphor is “a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable”.  One day we will ALL have that one day when we look like a deer crossing the street a total huh.  We have all wanted something so bad that we can

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Projecting Good Vibes

Projecting good energy is exactly that. YOU are in your happy place projecting good.  I was reading an article that said  “change your thoughts to positive, uplifting ones”   Immediately I thought this is fantastic and goes back to what someone once told me of “find the good.”   IF we find the good in any and all situations then we will keep from being negative.   It has always been assumed that talking energy, talking good vibes, talking mood was something for hippies or people into witchcraft. It has taken several years for people to publicly talk about good energy, positive energy and the impact it has on

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