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My email is Remember we are different individuals, each of us unique in our making and it is absolutely ok to “agree to disagree” on a topic or situation. We might have a valid statement and or we might be right however we each think differently. It is awesome when people agree however sometimes talk till down and no difference. Sometimes, it is necessary and we just have to say, “i agree to disagree with you” and move on. That is exactly what is going on, two individuals not about to agree regardless, therefore acknowledge and move on.

If this frustrates you, you are not alone. When then Austin, Texas Police Chief Art Acevedo told me the same thing many years ago. My face got red as I thought, how can this man tell me, ” i agree to disagree with you”. I left the vicinity and thought about what he said many times. Finally, i agreed that how can two individuals who think different about a situation or topic, who have different outcomes desired ……. actually agree. That is when I said to myself, it is true two individuals not about to agree regardless therefore acknowledge and move. It is not a rejection or not wanting to be a part of it is ….. I agree to disagree with you …. and move on.

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