Dear Mom Letter


Blog Nancy has been around for 10 years. My Blog Nancy people we have shared much AND we will continue to share much. I have some people from various cities, states and countries that have been with me since day one when I started writing in Austin, Texas usa. In Austin, Texas I would write into the late hours at Denny’s Retro design location on IH 35 and Dairy Queen on Burnet road and Katz’s deli downtown, because of the wifi internet they had. We have definitely been together and watched out for each other from current events topics to now food topics. Thank You. This was a tough decision to share the death of my mom, to share the death of the woman who raised me , to share something so personal. However, after much thinking about the decision my mom would want me to share this moment with you. My mom was a good woman who gained satisfaction in helping people with knowledge, with words of advice and so on. Just when I think all have read my Dear Mom letter, I get an email “hey you forgot about me reading the Dear Mom letter and you know I been with you since day one”. Ok here goes re-post.



September 10,  2019

Dear Mom,

I loved you much, you were my bestie, my co-pilot. You died January 29, 2019  which is 01.29.2019  and I miss you at least once a week.  Dang, unfortunately every person has a start date and has an end date regardless how nice, awesome, mean, yucky or cute the person is. It seems like the people we love are gone quick. However, the yuck in life the excess weight, the credit card bill or the yuck person  are not gone quick enough.  I am glad that our family got to spend our holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas as you liked, together as a family with many good memories.  

I will always cherish the last days you and I got to spend together when I went to San Antonio, Texas to spend some days with you before you died.  Those last days you and I spent together we talked, we discussed many things, we laughed and we understood each other better than before.  We discussed what I would be doing after your died and how you wanted me to get on with my life. We discussed how you wanted to make sure that I stay in touch with my brothers and sisters and cousins. Mom you told me, do not judge each other or what do or what doing just worry about living my life and be nice to each other when possible. Thank you mom for not judging me because I enjoy Research Analyze Write.

When I told you that I was leaving on Sunday and would be back on Monday, I did hear you but I did not want to hear when you told me that you would not be there Monday and for me to take care of my life and get on with my life to work, find a husband but mom who wants to play second to my true love of Research Analyze Write. At first I thought for sure that you were just talking under the influence of the medicine or that maybe you were just sleepy.  I would have done just about anything to give you one more day with us.  However, you were in charge of your own life and you decided you had a good life, you raised your seven kids, overseen your grand-kids and great grand-kids and it was your time to say good-bye.  You realized that it was your time and you wanted to go on your desired day 01.29.2019  

Thank you mom for raising me. Thank you mom for teaching me not to have anger and not to hold on to anger. Thank you mom for teaching me to stay focus on what I was doing and the job that I was doing. Thank you mom for giving me a good foundation and taking me to church on Sunday’s. Thank you mom for teaching me not to judge people or what they do. Thank you mom for teaching me to appreciate the United States of America.  Like you always told me, “Nancy it is not a perfect country but it is a good country and if you think you can find better then leave and see.”  I never left because I knew just how lucky I was and am to live in the United States of America a country that gives so much freedom to do WHATEVER each person wants to do.  Thank you mom for allowing me to do with my life whatever I wanted to do with my life. Thank You for all that you helped me understand, took the time to explain to me and taught me. I know that somewhere above you are watching over me. This is where I would say, “mom, i  think despite how advance we get in science it is important to have religion in a society to establish that invisible higher power”. You would respond with “ay Nancy” and I would respond with “I am serious mom” then we would laugh. You would tell me, “Nancy, I am proud of you” and I would think, “I am because you raised me”. I love you mom, my bestie, my co-pilot. See you on the other side.

Your Daughter
Nancy Ann Morales