Dating in the USA in 2018

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It is all the same thing with the same objective regardless if it’s a date between man and woman or same sex date. So, what is dating in the United States of America between man and woman, or woman and woman or man and man? Is dating any different from 1900’s or 1970’s or in 2018? Well, to answer that let’s first set the boundaries and DEFINE what is a romantic date. Per the dictionary a date “is a certain day and time set aside to do something”. Then dictionary says “dating is a stage of  romantic relationships where two […]

Is St. Patricks Day Luck of the Irish

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I sat in my little desk ready to write my current events blog post for the month of March.  I listened to my music with my headphones on and looking at the calendar I saw that I had circled March 17, 2018 for St. Patrick’s Day. When I looked at the date on the calendar circled I thought about Edward Snowden, remember him the whistle blower. Therefore, Edward Snowden and St. Patrick’s Day is going to be the topic for my month of March current events blog post entry.  You are probably thinking “huh perhaps Nancy drank the whole pitcher of mimosas”.  […]

Trump State of the Union Address 1/30/2018

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On Tuesday January 30, 2018 President Trump gave his State of the Union Address. I have watched many State of the Union Address on TV however this was the first that SCARED me. This was the first time that in MY opinion educated people, people established and people in positions of power behaved like children. In total about twelve Democratic U.S. Representatives and Supreme Court Justice Gingsburg did not attend President Trump State of the Union Address.   We tell our children they need to behave. We tell kids that are fighting or misbehaving that they need to behave. And […]

It’s OK To Let Go Of The Microphone

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He said, “I like her and would like to get to know her better but her consistent Spider-Man behavior would get us both killed in my country.”  No one is above the line of being a better person and so my voluntary six months began courtesy of my Russian friends that I love much. Six months later after intense Russian Counseling (Russian psychiatrist and psychologist are the best) for Behavior Modification I found out WHY been doing the Spider-Man thing. Seems that GUILT plays a major role in our life. Regardless if we admit at the time we feel guilty or […]

True LOVE Last Forever And Ever Regardless

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We never know the date or the time or the place but ONE DAY the love bug will bite.  We will be in love without even having planned the situation.  They say that when the LOVE bug bites it leaves a scar forever.  LOVE true love is forever even when people separate and no longer a couple true love remains forever.  You are walking along one day without any worries or cares just being you. Then one day you are walking down the same street full of love concerns and your heart just is not the same. What happen, was […]

Projecting Good vs Projecting wawa

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Projecting good energy is exactly that. YOU are in your happy place projecting good.  I was reading an article that said  “change your thoughts to positive, uplifting ones”   Immediately I thought this is fantastic and goes back to what someone once told me of “find the good.”   IF we find the good in any and all situations then we will keep from being negative.   It has always been assumed that talking energy, talking good vibes, talking mood was something for hippies or people into witchcraft. It has taken several years for people to publicly talk about good energy, positive energy and the impact it has on […]

When My Uncle Dr. John Rameriz Died

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When someone dies it prompts us to ask ourselves, “am I doing what I want to do in MY life?”   We tend to take every day for granted. Many people think that there is a later, a tomorrow or it’s in the plan for next year. We have only one life and statistics show that 50% of the people hate their job and not happy with their current spouse. In  EVERY  LIFE  CYCLE  regardless if it’s plants, animals or humans there is a start date and there is an end date. One life then die.   Recently well actually yesterday my […]

NFL Kneeling And Influenced Youths Watching

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  In the United States of America EVERY individual is entitled to Freedom of Speech.  I think that being able to be oneself is the best privilege that anyone can have in the United States of America. In 2016 a football player for the San Francisco California 49ers named Colin Kaepernick decided that during the National Anthem played at a football game he was going to get on his knee to protest.  Mr. Colin Kaepernick felt that during a National football game would be a good opportunity to demonstrate, protest  against African American oppression and social injustices he had seen […]

At Hobby Lobby Is It Really About Cotton

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In our life, in our country and all over the world people tend to hear the loudest more.  Actually that is the norm because if someone is quite or talks low then they are probably not heard as much. What happens when hearing the loudest has more impact and more results DESPITE the fact that several exist. Is being the loudest actually doing more harm than good because of the quite, the low talkers resentment and animosity growing towards the loudest?   Much has been on the television, internet and radio about Hobby Lobby selling cotton. Many African American people […]

White Supremacy Attitude in the U.S.A.

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Just about every day in some city in the U.S.A. the United States of America there is a person who claims discrimination. However, does discrimination and the white supremacy attitude in the U.S.A. exist. Well, one way to find out is to look at the numbers and see if the white supremacy attitude is alive in the U.S.A. However, remember IF we are going to look at the numbers then we have to look at ALL the numbers EVERYWHERE.   When someone is yelling discrimination my first impression when I see that a white person gets a job or money […]

Home Vibes Need To Be Good Vibes

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She walked into the building EVERYDAY Monday thru Friday. The first thing she did was turn on her music loud not only so she could hear but everyone else could hear. She was determined that she would overstep her boundaries, show no respect for the place and while working, doing her job would change things to accommodate her after all she was on a mission to get payback. After all what could be proven it was just music being played.   Home Sweet Home is supposed to be exactly that. Everyday people have to deal with the crap at work, […]

You Were Not Used You Negotiated Pay Badly

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A common phrase that has been around many years is “ I was used”.   However, in the rage and anger seldom is logic present. Logic will remind us that, how is it possible to be used if were paid for a job? It is possible that a person is upset because being given the ENTIRE full course of the job results, you probably would have said no instead of yes or negotiated for more money. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the “I was used” statement from people.   Everyday people make decisions in ALL types of jobs […]

You Holding Up The Line Life Goes On

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Life is like being in a cafeteria line.  You go thru the line and do not just stay in one place because the people behind you will start yelling, “hey lady decide what veggies and move down the line.”  In life we meet good days and we meet “oh my gosh day” but the most important thing is to remember that we have to keep moving.   Life is not always easy and actually some people have it easier than others.  The same analogy of being in the cafeteria line because some people go in knowing they will get the […]

Learning Opportunity

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There are times when instead of complaining or getting upset we can do something else. Just in case you are asking yourself, “hum interesting and what can WE do”?   Well, we can use the situation as a Learning Opportunity. Choosing to use a situation as a learning opportunity will turn a situation from bad to good. The Learning Opportunity is showing that WE as a community, that we as a human race is capable of ADAPTING since adaptability is the key to survival. The Learning Opportunity is showing that WE as a community, that we as a human race is […]

If I Change My Agenda Will You Change Yours

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“When their is a room and in that room are three men, five women and one elephant does that elephant issue have to be addressed or can things be as normal? An elephant in a room can cause much to happen such as people running out the way, someone might get scared and someone might panic then jump out the window.  So, let’s address the elephant ? in the room. The Jewish person and their agenda is the elephant in this room called planet Earth.   According to the Webster Dictionary, the definition for the word agenda is “a list […]

Two Dying Women With Different Attitudes

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It started just like any other Thursday not expecting the day to turn into a life lesson. I woke up and decided I’d skip the coffee till about 2:30 pm I realized COFFEE PLEASE. I had some corn flakes cereal with bananas and milk for breakfast then went about my day. By almost the end of the night 10:30 I had learned one of the most valuable lessons just by observing and communicating with two women. I saw two women in the same situation however two totally different attitudes.   It was about 2:00 pm and I thought I sure […]

Life Has Some Disappointments

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On Tuesday November 8, 2016 the Presidential elections brought an end finally to the long arguing and remarks about the elections for President. The most important thing that just about everyone will remember about November 8, 2016 is that they were completely surprised by the results. According to the polls taken it was Hillary that was supposed to win the Presidential election. So, what happened ?   Well, for starters a lot of people that voiced they were going to vote for Donald Trump were subject to rude remarks, insults and threats. Therefore, a lot of people when asked who […]

Interaction Decreased

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She walked up to the coffee department looking down at her phone and on the internet. She ordered the coffee then thanked the clerk and waited for her coffee order while looking down at her phone. She walked back to her department holding her coffee taking a few sips and in a hurry to get back to looking down on her phone. After work she went to the grocery store and looked down at her phone to retrieve her grocery list. To top it all off while in the grocery store line she was standing in line looking down at […]

Your Body Your Tool

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Your Body Your Tool   Despite modern technology, the human body is the only body that we have. Therefore, we have to take care and make the most of the only one body that we have. I have always given the analogy and said that our body is like a car. My dad Albert was an auto mechanic therefore once again I will use a car analogy to help explain and understand better. Ok, so car number one, if you have a car and put gas in the car and wash the car you are doing great car number two, […]

The Greatest Enemy Is Usually With Us

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Female One, Her phone rang and the mobile phone light flashed as it laid on the night stand at 3:30 am. She turned to see who the phone call was from. For about 10 seconds she was unsure whether to answer or ignore the phone call. Then she picked up the phone and tried to sound as happy, cheerful and positive as she could. Just another midnight butty call during this 20 year quote “working relationship with her big boss”.  The man named J was so smooth that he had actually convinced her that she loved this life and preferred […]

Star Wars 2016 Good vs Evil

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The thought of good vs evil has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Remember Adam and Eve when they had to fight the evil snake. The ship captains vs the sea pirates were again a good vs evil. The present good guys vs isis, isil …. and we are surprised that the movie Star Wars made 1 billion dollars before 1 month.   When you look around and see that Syrian residents have to flee their homeland to escape evil. When you see people from Mexico willing to die because fleeing evil. People tend to pass the comments […]

Letting Go Of Hate And On With Life

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Hate is a very strong word and can actually cause much damage. We have all heard that it is best to let go of hate. We have all seen the posters that say hate only hurts us, we have all heard the motivational speeches that hate is not good so let go. Some people choose not to let go of hate and decide to keep it inside and then get back, pay back. Hate comes when people have anger that escalates and then turns to hate. Does hate really hurt us or is it ok to hang on to the hate […]

The Good Wife Final Show

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On Sunday May 8, 2016 several people were disappointed because of the ending on the tv show The Good Wife. All along the various seasons throughout the years, the end season cliff hangers had been all been Black and White. Husband goes to jail, Will gets killed, and so on and so on. Therefore, it seems only logical that the FINAL show forever and ever will be just as black and white.   The show was awesome in EVERY season, the last show was different because it was not Black and White it actually left the viewer thinking about ALL […]

Captain America And Higher Power Accountability

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The Movie Captain America Civil War was not the number one movie in the USA, it was the number one movie ALL over the world. Why, you may be thinking And the answer is because it is a movie that verbally, silently in thought or yelled out loud with signs cheering on people all over “That’s Right Buddy”. The theme of the movie is about abiding by the rules and regulations, having a higher power to answer to in order to avoid something good done result in destructive behavior where innocent lives lost OR those left with loss will do […]

Pink Is For Girls Instilled At Childhood

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I remember growing up and being told that “pink is for girls and blue is for boys”. Geez, I thought I love the color blue. The sky is blue and blue is a relaxing color. I am sure that probably I am not the only one that has been told that as a child growing up.   We are little girls, that grow up thinking ok well being a female is being soft. Being soft is not being aggressive. When we see an aggressive female our first reaction is “oh wow, she is loud.” But is she really being loud […]

Workplace Professionalism

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At first the behavior was unnoticed but after a while the behavior was obvious. The supervisor walked up and down the isle of the public workplace and continually gave the same persons an extra break. Strange yet standard practice that had gone unnoticed or addressed.   Have you ever been in a workplace where you see the ship sinking (workplace) and it is obvious who put the holes in the ship ? Being an invidivual in a workplace what is a person to do ? Should they put on their own life jacket and when the ship sinks just silently […]

Republican Foundation of Lincoln and Reagan

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The 2016 Presidential election in the United States of America has got to be one of the toughest! Why does this presidential election have so much impact? What makes this decision so different from other presidential elections ? Well, lets discuss this.   I live in Texas a state that has been both a blue state and a red state since Papa George Bush. I am fortunate to have people that I care about on the Democratic political party and on the Republican political party. Therefore, I love both democrats and republicans. It was Republicans that gave me my little […]

Romantic Relationships and Us

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He slammed the car door so hard that the car shook and the driver’s window was half up and he was completely surprised as to why the window broke. So, you did read the part where he slammed the car door so hard that the car shook and yet in the rage of his anger he was stunned by the broken car window! What happened ?   Well, hours before Bob was on his mobile phone arguing with his wife asking her why she left him with no money in the bank, no credit cards and no freaking house keys […]

Social Media Numbers And Our Ego

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There was a time when having a PUBLIC twitter, facebook and instagram was ok. Being able to connect and communicate with people all over the world was awesome. Checking to see how many “likes” a picture brought on instragram was one of the coolist things. However, times have changed, bringing about people changing and attitudes changing.  Let me make it clear, I am not saying that you have to be more selective on who you accept into your social media accounts …. What I am saying is that social media accounts are best kept private. I have private social media […]

The Joys Of Having A Business

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You wake up one day and Realize that your company has been taken over by thugs and now you are at their mercy.  How does a company get taken over then Manipulated and Controlled by people that you would rather not even think about?  Afterall, taking over a company and/or business is something that we read about that happens in some different country not in the USA.  We read how Syria not the USA had their entire country taken over by thugs who pretended to be good Samaritans and helped the people,  then before anyone knew they were running the […]

We Let Men Be Dogs

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Once upon a time, their was a female named Emily and she was sweet, kind and had an awesome personality. However, Emily made the mistake of THINKING that Michael loved her. Sometimes, a woman works close to someone who is nice and BAM woman thinks man loves her and it’s real love. Different female comes around then the JEOLOUSY and INSECURITIES start to rise. Does this sound like someone you know ? What is the answer to solving the problem of what I call wishful thinking love.   The first thing that a person has to do is Keep Things […]

Goodbye Self Man Forward

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It happens in ALL social levels and in all nationalities. Just ask Michelle Obama who was a Permanent Employee at the Law Firm.  Here comes this Temporary Employee Barack Obama and spots a career advancing woman, takes her on a date to the movie theater then BAM decision made of man forward woman supports.  Walking out the movie theater Barack Obama and Michelle see her law office boss who tells Michelle, you take care of this man because he’s a keeper.  Right a temporary employee who gave the right answer to ONE question goes full speed forward with the permanent […]

Habits .. Biosocial Development

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In 2013, I took a college class and we were assigned to write a paper on a choice of topics. I want to share with you a paper that I wrote. The “habits” section was a topic that I decided to write about because the best person to start with on a topic is “me.” Habits are difficult to break especially when having become accustomed. Not have to worry about exercising or put exercising into a daily or weekly schedule is ideal. It’s ideal not for my health but it is ideal for my lack of attention to the importance […]

When Management Sticks Together

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The Devil Wears Prada was one of the best movies ever because we were all able to associate with the movie. At one of our jobs in our life we have all had the “boss from hell” that we wish would go back home. AND just to be fair I have to say that at some time in our life we too have been the “boss from hell” whether it’s with the baby sitter, the lawn care people, or the elections workers. But it’s AFTER the situation occurs that determines how the wheels will go not only for the boss […]

Super Heros And Us

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The song says “ I can be your hero”, the Cinderella book story and movie have the helpless victim entice Prince Charming with a shoe left behind so that he can be the hero. People will go out of their way to be a hero so that their self worth stock goes up 75%. Thus reinforcing the feeling that “ I am a good person, I am a person that cares about others and I am a person that needs to elevate my broken foot, etc so that it heals quickly.”  It is as if people say ‘ I need to […]

Ph.d Degree and License Can Be Repossed

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In 2013 Dr. Cruz my Social Psychology instructor had us write paper number two on four people who earned their Ph.d’s and then lost it all because of conduct unbecoming. Having an occasional attitude I thought this was a useless silly idea. However, once I started doing the research my attitude changed and I realized that this was actually an awesome beneficial rewarding and learning experience. We have all heard the saying that “Knowledge is Power” but can knowledge and power be used for the bad as well as the good. An individual with a Sociology / Psychology degree can help many people. However […]

Good Customer Service

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Most people would say that people are quote “constant complainers” when they do not get or experience good customer service. But hold on before you go on and say you agree let’s just review what is good customer service. Is good customer service really important or is it all just nonsense. You walk into a restaurant, coffee shop, store or any place that deals with the public. You are expecting yes, I did say the word expecting because we have expectations of a pleasant person greeting us regardless of how their day is going or any frown that we may […]

The Importance Of Staying On The Road

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There is always going to be someone that says “if you do not help us then no one will”. That are tough words to hear when you are in an area where lots of hurt is going on and IF you just take a moment to help. However if you are dead, in jail, in a mental hospital, a hostage or unemployed then who can you help ? The people that have put their trust in you to cover a story, to do a job have just lost a valuable asset and that is YOU.   Being a journalist, regardless […]

Education Is Prevention … Terrorist Cells

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  Sam Hughes was a person that I knew several years ago.  Sam Hughes was a Vietnam Veteran who had been in Vietnam several years and seen many things.  I will never forget what a good friend named Sam Hughs told me several years ago. The most important words were “think outside the box to find the answer”.  The suspect could be just about anyone. Sam Hughes several years ago told me that during the Vietnam War in Vietnam. Several unsuspected people were the ones that would carry bombs etc to kill the military solders. They were unsuspected Pregnant women Kids Women with baby strollers […]

Reward Cost vs Tell The Truth

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My last Response Paper was going to be the final paper that I would be writing for my professor Dr. Cruz, therefore what did I want to leave this last impression with.  I kept in mind once again that I was writing to someone who has obtained his Ph.D and familiar with the subject of Social Psychology front and back.  I was unsure if I wanted to write about a serious topic or a topic that is interesting and that might leave my reader, my professor thinking.  In 2013, I took a Social Psychology class and found many topics and theories […]