Trump State of the Union Address 1/30/2018

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On Tuesday January 30, 2018 President Trump gave his State of the Union Address. I have watched many State of the Union Address on TV however this was the first that SCARED me. This was the first time that in MY opinion educated people, people established and people in positions of power behaved like children. In total about twelve Democratic U.S. Representatives and Supreme Court Justice Gingsburg did not attend President Trump State of the Union Address.   We tell our children they need to behave. We tell kids that are fighting or misbehaving that they need to behave. And […]

Life Has Some Disappointments

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On Tuesday November 8, 2016 the Presidential elections brought an end finally to the long arguing and remarks about the elections for President. The most important thing that just about everyone will remember about November 8, 2016 is that they were completely surprised by the results. According to the polls taken it was Hillary that was supposed to win the Presidential election. So, what happened ?   Well, for starters a lot of people that voiced they were going to vote for Donald Trump were subject to rude remarks, insults and threats. Therefore, a lot of people when asked who […]