True LOVE Last Forever And Ever Regardless

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We never know the date or the time or the place but ONE DAY the love bug will bite.  We will be in love without even having planned the situation.  They say that when the LOVE bug bites it leaves a scar forever.  LOVE true love is forever even when people separate and no longer a couple true love remains forever.  You are walking along one day without any worries or cares just being you. Then one day you are walking down the same street full of love concerns and your heart just is not the same. What happen, was […]

The Greatest Enemy IUsually With Us

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Female One, Her phone rang and the mobile phone light flashed as it laid on the night stand at 3:30 am. She turned to see who the phone call was from. For about 10 seconds she was unsure whether to answer or ignore the phone call. Then she picked up the phone and tried to sound as happy, cheerful and positive as she could. Just another midnight butty call during this 20 year quote “working relationship with her big boss”.  The man named J was so smooth that he had actually convinced her that she loved this life and preferred […]

We Let Men Be Dogs

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Once upon a time, their was a female named Emily and she was sweet, kind and had an awesome personality. However, Emily made the mistake of THINKING that Michael loved her. Sometimes, a woman works close to someone who is nice and BAM woman thinks man loves her and it’s real love. Different female comes around then the JEOLOUSY and INSECURITIES start to rise. Does this sound like someone you know ? What is the answer to solving the problem of what I call wishful thinking love.   The first thing that a person has to do is Keep Things […]